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Lesson 4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

amount of CONFUSION and MISUNDER- Gospel to non-Israelites only. With this kind of
STANDING. FALSE TEACHING, it is no wonder that most
professing Christians today believe the MYTH
Conclusion that so-called “Jews” are YEHOVAH’s chosen
people while they themselves are mere
So far in this lesson we have examined “Gentiles” (non-Israelites)!
the meanings and usages of the English word Also, what did the Messiah mean in Acts
Gentile(s) by researching the Hebrew word 9:15 when he said that Paul “ a chosen vessel
goy/goyim from which it was translated in the unto me, to bear my name before the
Old Testament by the King James translators. Gentiles,...”? And, when the Messiah said to his
We have seen that Gentile(s) was only one of disciples in Matthew 28:19, “Go ye therefore,
several words that were used to translate the and teach all nations...” WHO did he refer to as
SAME Hebrew word. The same type of “nations”?
INCONSISTENCY was found in the New In Lesson 6 we will examine WHO these
Testament with the Greek words ethnos and people were that Paul and the disciples were sent
Hellen. to preach the Gospel to. We will also discover
Also, the MODERN definition of the how YEHOVAH’s people can be recognized in
word gentile has CHANGED our people’s the world today.
concept of YEHOVAH God, race and nation. It
has also CORRUPTED their understanding of Congratulations on finishing the first four
the Bible. Most Christians today are VICTIMS lessons. You will receive Test 1 shortly.
OF ERROR. They have been taught that the
people of the world are divided into two NOTES:
exclusive racial categories: 1. Jews and 2.
Gentile. There is NOT ONE SHRED OF
EVIDENCE in the Bible to support that myth! It
is ERROR, pure and simple! It is a FALSE
DICHOTOMY that has CONFUSED English-
speaking Christians for centuries. If you have
been taught that you are a “Gentile” and
therefore a “Non-Hebrew,” YOU TOO HAVE
BEEN DECEIVED! Strangely enough, most
Christians ARE racial Hebrews and most
so-called “Jews” ARE NOT!
Now that you have seen that the Greek
word ethnos means “nation(s)” or “people(s)”
and should have been translated accordingly, we
can turn our attention to what the apostle Paul
meant in Acts 18:6 when he said, “...from
henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles (ethnos,
i.e. Nations).” Just WHO were these PEOPLE
Paul was referring to?
Applying the ERRONEOUS modern-
day meaning that the “Gentiles” are “non-Jews”
to what Paul said, would lead one to believe he
was, from that moment on, going to preach the

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