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Question 1: Even though the Hebrew word goy was NEVER translated as “non-Jew,” do
virtually all modern dictionaries define Gentile this way?____________________

Question 2: Can the Hebrew word goy refer to BOTH Israelites and non-Israelites?________

Question 3: Is it true that context is NOT a consideration when translating the Hebrew word

Question 4: The word nations is translated from what Greek word?____________________

Question 5: Does the Greek word ethnos have general applicability and can refer to ANY
group of people?_____________

Question 6: Is it true that the Greek word Hellen was NEVER translated inconsistently?____

Question 7: Has the definition of the word gentile changed considerably over the centuries?

Question 8: Is it a FACT that most so-called Jews are racial Hebrews?__________________

Question 9: Who, today, are MAINLY racial Hebrews?______________________________

Question 10: How many times is the Hebrew word goy/goyim found in the Old Testament?

Question 11: EVERY place the Hebrew word goy was used, what English word SHOULD
have been used by the translators?_______________________________________

Question 12: The Hebrew word goy/goyim appears 7 times in the 3rd chapter of Joel and is
translated into HOW MANY different English words?_______________________

Question 13: The ORIGINAL intent and usage of the English word gentile was the SAME as
what Latin root word?_____________________

The answers will be found in Test 1. Approximately 3 weeks after receiving Lessons 1-4, you
will receive a mail-in test that covers these four lessons. The test will be returned to you after
grading. Following the completion of the Hope of Israel Bible Correspondence Course you will
receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete the course with a grade of 75% or better
you will also receive an Outstanding Student Award.

Answers to Questions in Lesson 3

1. Semiramis 2. House of Israel 3. Nimrod’s 4. Feast of Tabernacles, Last Great Day
5. Ishtar 6. Baal-Peor 7. Semiramis 8. Lupercalia 9. Pagan religions 10. Roman
Catholic Church 11. false 12. Tammuz or Nimrod 13. queen of heaven 14. false
religions 15. No 16. Satan

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