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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 4

people is translated from what Greek word?
8. In the same verse, the word nation is
translated from what Greek word?
COMMENT: This verse shows that the
Greek ethnos is COMPARABLE to the Hebrew
goy since the apostle Paul is quoting from
Deuteronomy 32:21. Nation is the CORRECT
translation for both ethnos and goy.
9. Read Galatians 2:8-9. The word
Gentiles is translated from what Greek word?
10. The word heathen is translated from
what Greek word?
COMMENT: From the CONTEXT it is
obvious the same group of people is being
referred to, yet we see TWO different English
Ethnos words used in the translations!
In light of the above verses, TRANS-
In Strong’s Concordance the word LATION INCONSISTENCY is obvious as we
ethnos (#1484) is defined as “...a race, i.e. a see FOUR different English words rendered
tribe...” yet not once did the translators use race from the same Greek word without any apparent
or tribe! The word Gentile does NOT appear in logical reason. As was the case for the Hebrew
this definition, yet that is the word the translators word goy, the English word nation(s) would be
used most often. the CONSISTENTLY ACCURATE translation
1. Strong’s Concordance uses the terms for the Greek word ethnos. The word Gentile(s),
race and tribe to define what Greek word? with its modern-day meaning of “non-Jew,”
2. How many times did the translators simply would NOT provide a consistently
use these terms when translating ethnos? accurate translation -- especially in light of the
3. What is the most COMMON word the modern-day meaning of “Jew”! Let’s now
translators used when translating ethnos? consider a few Scripture passages to illustrate
4. Does this word appear ANYWHERE this point:
in Strong’s definition of ethnos? 11. Luke 23:2. Would it make any sense
COMMENT: Considering the at all that the Judean leaders would bring the
preceding facts, WHY did the translators use the Messiah before Pilate and accuse him of
word Gentile(s) most often when translating the perverting the GENTILE?
Greek word ethnos? We will address that COMMENT: The so-called “Jews”
question in a moment. First, let’s examine the would NOT have cared if some non-Jews were
use of the word ethnos in the New Testament. being perverted!
As was the case with the Hebrew word goy, the 12. In John 11:48, would it be logical
translators were INCONSISTENT in translating that the chief priests and Pharisees would be
the Greek word ethnos. Let’s look at some fearful that the Romans would take away their
examples: GENTILE?
5. Read Luke 21:24. The word nations 13. Read Acts 2:5. Would it be
is translated from what Greek word? ACCURATE to replace nation with GENTILE?
6. In the same verse, the word Gentiles COMMENT: Modern so-called “Jews”
is translated from what Greek word? would be OUTRAGED with the thought that
7. Now read Romans 10:19. The word their “devout” ancestors came out of many

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