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Hebrew word goy/goyim is translated into what the consistency and accuracy that the word
word? nation(s) does. EVERY place the Hebrew word
13. In Ezekiel 12:15 the word nations is goy was used, the English word nation(s) could
translated from what Hebrew word? have been used, thus ELIMINATING
14. In Ezekiel 12:16 the word heathen is confusion. You may want to change this word in
rendered from what Hebrew word? your King James Bible, thus making it a more
COMMENT: Again we see in the above ACCURATE translation.
verses that the SAME WORD was used in the An even better example of the problem
original Hebrew text, but THREE DIFFERENT with treating the words goy, nation, Gentile and
ENGLISH WORDS were used in the heathen as synonymous is found in the
translation. Such INCONSISTENCY can cause twenty-fifth chapter of Genesis.
CONFUSION! 22. What does Genesis 25:23 say “are in
15. In Joel 3:2 who does YEHOVAH thy womb”?
God say He will gather and bring to the valley of 23. This word is translated from what
Jehoshaphat? Hebrew word?
16. This word is translated from what 24. Try substituting Gentiles or heathen
Hebrew word? in verse 23. Do you think nations, heathen and
17. In Joel 3:12, who is it that comes to “Gentiles” are synonymous?
the valley of Jehoshaphat to be judged? COMMENT: In this example the
18. This word is translated from what translators elected to use the CORRECT word
Hebrew word? nations, for obvious reasons. If they had
19. What are these same people called in rendered it Gentiles, then these two unborn
verse 9 of Joel 3? goyim (Jacob and Esau), twin grandsons of
20. This word is translated from what Abraham and sons of Isaac, would have become
Hebrew word? two GENTILES in the womb of Rebekah, the
21. Notice now Joel 3:8 -- the word mother of Israel: a sensational paradox for
people is translated from what Hebrew word? anyone who holds that Gentiles cannot be
COMMENT: Even though the Hebrew Hebrews. Heathen would have been an
word goy was NEVER translated as “non-Jew,” EQUALLY ABSURD translation!
virtually all modern dictionaries define Gentile A few additional examples follow of
this way! In Genesis 10:5 notice the same how inappropriate the use of Gentiles or
Hebrew word was INCONSISTENTLY heathen would have been in translating the
translated into TWO different English words IN Hebrew word goy.
THE SAME VERSE! The Hebrew word 25. In Genesis 12:2, the word nation is
goy/goyim appears SEVEN times in the third translated from what Hebrew word?
chapter of Joel and is translated into FOUR 26. Would it have made any sense for
different English words. YEHOVAH God to bless Abram (Abraham) by
The preceding Scripture passages are making him a great Gentile or a great heathen?
good examples of the variety of ways the See also Genesis 17:1-7.
translators rendered the Hebrew word goy. 27. In Genesis 46:3 the word nation is
Sometimes they used the word Gentiles while at translated from what Hebrew word?
other times they used the words nation(s), 28. Would it be logical for YEHOVAH
heathen or people. Go back to each Scripture God to make Israel a great Gentile or heathen?
cited and try substituting the words Gentiles or 29. In Exodus 19:6 the word nation is
heathen each time and see what happens. The translated from what Hebrew word?
words Gentiles and heathen do NOT provide 30. Is there any way that YEHOVAH

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