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Lesson 4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Understanding Word Meanings

LESSON 4 INCONSISTENCY in translation is
partly responsible for the confusion and
Gentile misunderstanding that exists within
Christendom. Such discord in translation must
The word Gentile means different things be identified and CORRECTED if an accurate
to different people. To some, the word means understanding of the Bible is to be attained. Let
“non-Jew.” To others, it means a “Christian.” us now look at a number of Scripture passages
Still others feel it means “heathen” or that illustrate translation INCONSISTENCY.
“non-Christian.” They can’t all be right. Just 1. Look at the breakdown given in the
what does Gentile mean when it is used in Bible diagram on this page. What is the MOST
passages? What did the apostle Paul mean when COMMON English translation for the Hebrew
he said, “...from henceforth I will go unto the word goy?
Gentiles” (Acts 18:6)? In this lesson we will 2. How often was this English word
examine the meanings and usages of the Hebrew used?
word goy, and the Greek words ethnos and 3. How many times was the Hebrew
Hellen -- the words from which the English word word goy translated into “non-Jew”?
Gentile was translated. The PROPER USE of 4. Using your Strong’s Concordance,
these words will alleviate confusion and equip where is the first place the word Gentiles is used
the saints of YEHOVAH God to use the Word of in the King James Version of the Bible?
YEHOVAH God more effectively. 5. What Hebrew word is Gentiles
translated from?
Old Testament Usage 6. In this same verse, what Hebrew word
is translated as “nations”?
In the Old Testament the word Gentile is COMMENT: Even though the Hebrew
translated from ONE Hebrew word that is goy was NEVER translated as “non-Jew,”
rendered into English in FIVE different ways. virtually ALL modern dictionaries define
The Hebrew word goy or goyim (plural), #1471 Gentile this way. In Genesis 10:5 notice the
in Strong’s Concordance, is found in the Old same Hebrew word was inconsistently translated
Testament 557 times. The different English into TWO different English words IN THE
renderings of this Hebrew word, and the number SAME VERSE!
of times it appears, is illustrated by the following 7. In Isaiah 11:10 the Hebrew word
diagram: goy/goyim is translated into what word?
8. In Isaiah 11:12 the Hebrew word
goy/goyim is translated into what word?
9. In Hosea 8:8 the word Gentiles is
translated from what Hebrew word?
10. In Hosea 8:10 the word nations is
translated from what Hebrew word?
11. In Psalms 9:5, 15 and 19 the
Hebrew word goy/goyim is translated into what
12. In verses 17 and 20 of Psalms 9 the

Understanding Word Meanings
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