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Lesson 37 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

1. Notice what YEHOVAH God says in
Deuteronomy 24:14-15.
COMMENT: This law covers all
classes, both the foreigner and the citizen within
the nation. What, then, constitutes oppression? It
is the failure to give a JUST RETURN for
services rendered. How is that return to be
made? The Biblical standard was IN KIND, or

its equivalent value, being a fair percentage
from the increase resulting from that labor.
Gold -- sometimes used as a medium of ex- 2. Read also James 5:4:
change. COMMENT: Let’s examine for a
moment what has happened in the U.S. And
At the present time both labor and other lands of modern Israel -- particularly over
management are in servitude, SLAVES of a the last half-century. First, the financial structure
system and of those who CONTROL the money of the lands (i.e. Banking, investment dealers
of a nation and who compel all to pay tribute in along with government sympathizers) have
order to be able to use the money of the realm. In permitted corporate takeovers that have resulted
collecting tribute for the financing of in monopolies and oligopolies to the extent that
production, the producer is ROBBED of his it permits the men and women behind them to
profits and the laborer of his wages. control almost every facet of our lives.
When business is FREED from these Downsizing has killed the jobs of
modern hazards by the INSTITUTION OF A countless thousands while free trade agreements
NON-INTEREST-BEARING MEDIUM OF with non-Israelite countries have closed one
EXCHANGE, issued against possessions and manufacturing plant after another as industries
their increase -- making the standard of wealth have moved offshore. As a result, workers are
GOODS -- then management and labor can unite paid exactly what it takes to keep them -- and not
in the production of wealth and share with each one penny more! So they can’t get ahead.
other in that production. This would institute a Then, too, over the last decade or so, the
CYCLE OF PROSPERITY such as the world has unscrupulous rich behind corporate power have
never before experienced! transferred millions of jobs offshore to take
advantage of cheap labor and the pace of this is
YEHOVAH’s Law Against Oppression accelerating. And, all the while, governments sit
idly by, doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but
The elimination of our present UNJUST perhaps a little ineffective soul-searching and
system of taxation -- along with the institution of jawboning.
a NON-INTEREST-BEARING medium of 3. What does James warn about in James
exchange based upon national wealth instead of 5:5?
gold or currencies -- would produce the means of COMMENT: Here James warns the
adequately compensating ALL under the corrupt rich that their love of luxury, pleasure
administration of YEHOVAH’s law, both and extravagant living is just fattening them up
management and labor. When this takes place in for the Day of Judgment.
the Millennium, management will be free to 4. Why is this so? Verse 6.
move without the fear of confiscation of their COMMENT: The Apocrypha Book of
wealth. This, however, presupposes certain Ecclesiastes (chapter 34:21-22) clarifies this for

Management, Labor and Property Rights Under YEHOVAH’s Law
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