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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 37

us: “The bread of the needy is their life: he that harassing the employer by the fear of
defrauds him thereof IS A MAN OF BLOOD. confiscation because financial interests demand
He that takes away his neighbor’s living slays their pound of flesh. All this is seen in the
him; and he that defrauds the laborer of his hire fluctuation of prices and the production of
is a BLOODSHEDDER.” These verses in industry on the shelves of discount stores while
Ecclesiasticus clearly relate to those who so the hammer of the auctioneer has been
casually kill millions of jobs in the Israelite frequently utilized to dispose of possessions and
nations by sending them overseas and thereby goods at a FRACTION of their original value.
forcing occupants of those jobs to seek welfare
or take menial replacement jobs. Judgment Upon the Oppressor
During the Millennium there will be no
incentive to horde the medium of exchange. Men 1. What does the prophet Jeremiah say?
will conserve our natural resources as REAL Jeremiah 22:13.
WEALTH instead of destroying our most COMMENT: Here Jeremiah rightly
valuable possessions in order to buy and horde declares woe on those who build in unright-
gold or its equivalent. eousness.
Our present civilization has been built 2. What does James declare in the New
upon unrighteousness. This is evident in the Testament? James 5:4.
robbing of the poor through subjecting them to 3. What does Malachi say will happen to
conditions of slavery in a system where it has “those that oppress the hireling in his wages”?
been impossible to reap an adequate reward for Malachi 3:5.
services rendered. And it is also through COMMENT: Oppression of the laborer
is the result of failure to give the laborer
Corporate downsizing has killed the jobs of (management is part of labor in this instance and
thousands and workers are exploited as a subject to oppression) a JUST PROPORTION in
result. return for the energy expended in production.
Such injustice results from the fact that the value
of a man’s labor has NO RELATIONSHIP to the
goods he produces.
Regardless of a man’s contribution to the
increase in goods, his services are paid for in a
medium regulated by currencies or gold. Under
these conditions, both management and labor
cannot reap the benefits of what they do when
the standard of wealth is something other than

Just Return Possible

Under YEHOVAH’s law buildings,
machinery, equipment and all possessions will
be FREE FROM TAXATION! “Taxes” will be a
TITHE (TENTH) of the INCREASE accruing to
management and labor. And as taxes are paid
from one’s INCREASE, so too labor and
management will receive a just return from the

Management, Labor and Property Rights Under YEHOVAH’s Law
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