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Lesson 37 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Management, Labor and Property Rights Under


LESSON 37 Since the control of the profits of
management and the wages of labor are in the
Employers and employees are both hands of the money exchangers, the interests of
under pressure these days -- the former trying to BOTH are not at heart.
stay in business; the latter to meet ever-
increasing living costs. To this end the one Financial Pressure
strives to conserve assets and the other to secure
advances in pay. In this way it has become a The vested financial interests have
CONFLICT for survival on the part of each managed to remain aloof during most labor
under the present scheme of things. disputes, making people think that the disputes
The employer must make obeisance at are the result of greed on the laborer’s part or
the counter of the money exchangers in the form selfishness on the employer’s part -- when, in
of INTEREST and other charges in order to fact, BOTH are deceived and are SLAVES of a
obtain credit and remain in business. The money financial system that reaps both ends and the
he needs to meet his payrolls and to purchase his middle; always tending to bankrupt the
stock is provided by the money loaners to whom employer and withhold adequate compensation
he must pay tribute. As a result he finds himself a from the employee. The result? Continued
SLAVE to a system that makes MONEY -- warfare between labor and management -- each
rather than GOODS -- the criterion of wealth. trying to save itself from the inevitable financial
Therefore, regardless of what and how pressure from without by organizing against
much he produces in quality or quantity, it is of each other, both striving to control production,
little avail to him in compensating the employee hours and wages, and blaming one another for
unless he can convert this wealth resulting from their present plight. How sad!
production into wealth represented by the money We must always remember that the
supply. objective and end for BOTH the employer and
the employee are one and the SAME! Each
Control of Values needs the other and both desire to receive from
production a profit for their labor that should be
Labor, under a fair system of compen- a FAIR proportion of the value of that which is
sation, should receive a JUST proportion of that produced as the result of TRUE collaboration
which labor produces -- either in that which is between management and labor.
produced or its equivalent. But because that This CANNOT happen until there is a
which he produces is CONTROLLED -- not by RADICAL CHANGE in the ENTIRE monetary
its value and use but by the value of the money system to bring it into CONFORMITY with the
supply -- both the employer and employee are BIBLICAL STANDARD OF WEIGHTS AND
unable to reap a FULL PROFIT in a fair return MEASURES.
from their joint labors. Why? Because TRUE
wealth (the goods resulting from production) A Third Party
must be converted into a medium wholly
INADEQUATE to represent the value of While management furnishes organ-
production, as has been shown. ization and brains for the production and sale of

Management, Labor and Property Rights Under YEHOVAH’s Law
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