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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 37

finished goods, and labor furnishes the skill and necessary in order to point out the DIRECT
necessary hours to turn raw material into CAUSE of oppression and the reason why
finished products, there is a THIRD PART in honest and sincere enterprise and labor does not
this equation who contributes ABSOLUTELY always prosper. The solution to the problem of
NOTHING, either in brains or brawn. This entity labor and wages is IMPOSSIBLE until the
claims the LION’S SHARE and the right to use monetary question has been properly adjusted to
the results accruing from the JOINT undertaking the equitable standard of a TRUE economy.
of management and labor in the market places For the United States, the solution lies in
and over the gambling tables of INTER- Congress taking over its CONSTITUTIONAL
NATIONAL FINANCE. RIGHT “to coin money, regulate the value
This third party trades in that for which it thereof,” and set as the standard of the value of
has NEVER worked or labored -- bringing all that medium of exchange the nation’s wealth in
business and its transactions under tribute as the goods and possessions plus the increase from the
wealth of the system flows into its coffers. This labor of our citizens -- and against all that wealth
third party controls finances and a FEW are to issue the coin of the realm. As this wealth
enriched at the expense of labor and increases there would be a corresponding
management. This is because our monetary increase in the medium of exchange, but the
system has NO DIRECT RELATION to the value and price of goods and possessions would
ACTUAL national wealth represented in REMAIN THE SAME.
production and goods, but instead rests upon a
group of currencies as a basis. By the control of Foundation for Security
money and the demand of tribute for its use, a
FEW are enriched at the expense of labor and Under such conditions, the NON-PRO-
management. DUCERS who have lived for so long off the
The fact is that labor needs the employer labor and activities of others would be
who in turn needs labor and its services -- yet ELIMINATED and would themselves have to
NEITHER actually needs the financial leeches go to work or starve. Employers would feel
that at present control the medium of exchange secure to produce, for production would be
through various means. In order to acquire the capital and wealth. Against that wealth would be
raw material for production and to be able to issued a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE -- just as it
market the finished product, the employer must used to be issued against gold and now is issued
secure the finances by paying tribute at the against a group of currencies. As a result, the
money lenders feet. production of serviceable goods would be the
production of wealth and would bring an
Paying Tribute INCREASE in the circulation of money.
Management would no longer be
Management must pay a fee to the harassed by interest-bearing bank loans and the
money exchangers in order to be able to carry on ever present possibility of foreclosure by
their business. Because of the EXORBITANT creditors who by MANIPULATION and
for the use of a medium that ought to represent AND RENEW NOTES might seize equipment
goods and production is exorbitant) labor blames and stock worth thousands of dollars for a few
management and management blames labor for cents on the dollar. The FULL value of
the lack of prosperity and the economic trend possessions wouls always be ASSURED just as
towards oppression. now the holders of currencies or gold are assured
This foregoing explanation has been of the full value of that in their possession.

Management, Labor and Property Rights Under YEHOVAH’s Law
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