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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 22

4. Bearing false witness is GREATER in The Tenth Commandment
scope than testifying in court cases alone.
Exodus 23:1. 1. The final and last commandment
5. Also notice Psalm 101:5. which the children of Israel heard pronounced at
Mount Sinai by the voice of YEHOVAH God
Talebearing Forbidden was: Exodus 20:17.
2. Yeshua the Messiah added another
1. The Bible has much to say about those dimension to this command. Luke 12:15.
who harm their neighbors by GOSSIP. COMMENT: It is worth noting that this
Leviticus 19:16. last commandment SUMS UP the cause back of
COMMENT: It is of interest to note that most of the violations of the rest of the
the truth or falsity of the matter is NOT raised, commandments. Covetousness leads men to
for if you truly love your neighbor as yourself commit MURDER and ADULTERY; it is the
you will not privately bear FIRST CAUSE leading a
witness to his harm -- be man to STEAL the prop-
the gossip true or false. erty of his neighbor and
YEHOVAH God only often is back of the giving
knows the untold heart- of FALSE TESTIMONY.
aches that have resulted 3. Notice what YEHO-
from the VIOLATION of VAH God said. Micah
this commandment and the 2:1-2.
suffering that has resulted.
2. The apostle Reason for Violence
James had these facts in
mind in his epistle. James Violence and blood have
3:5. filled the earth as the
COMMENT: RESULT of the breaking
Many otherwise respecta- of this tenth command-
ble people look down upon ment. The desire to acquire
an unfortunate brother who the possessions of others
may have violated some of has resulted in DESTRUC-
the other laws, while they Charleton Heston Playing Moses in the TIVE COMPETITION in
themselves are breaking Movie “The Ten Commandments.” business, which is itself
this ninth commandment. WAR when carried on
3. Notice what the under the Babylonian
Messiah warns. Matthew 12:36. system -- leading to ARMED CONFLICT be-
4. Also take heed of what YEHOVAH tween nations. The desire for commercial
God Himself warns. Malachi 3:5. supremacy as nations strive to destroy
COMMENT: The violation of YE- competition is but COVETING world markets,
HOVAH’s laws has brought forth this statement even to the point of instituting aggressive
from YEHOVAH of SWIFT witness in warfare in order to TAKE that which is coveted.
judgment against false swearers, and against There will -- and always can be -- LEGITI-
those who oppress the workman in his wages, MATE TRADE in the buying and selling of
the widow and the fatherless, and that turn aside goods and the exchange of one’s increase. But,
the stranger from his right. unfortunately, methods are such under the
present system that men are NOT content to live

YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor
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