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Lesson 22 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

and let live. Instead, men COVET power and While no honest man can deny the
wealth and in their desire to bring their plans to IMPORTANCE of the Ten Commandments, yet
fruition have drenched the pages of history they are no more important to the individual who
with blood. desires to be right with YEHOVAH than are the
YEHOVAH God gave to men an God-given statutes to the NATIONS that would
inheritance in the land forever, but modern have YEHOVAH’s blessings on all their
business and the Babylonian system of undertakings in the righteous administration of
administration has DENIED men their God- equity and justice for all.
given privilege. In a world order where
foreclosure of mortgages, tax sales and
interest charges can be imposed upon a
people and used to ACQUIRE the property of
one’s neighbor (at a greatly reduced value),
such has served those who have COVETED
their neighbor’s possessions. COVETOUS-
NESS is the FOUNDATION of evil desires and
In these Ten Commandments YEHO-
VAH God has set before His people what is
required of them in their relationship to Him and
to their fellow man. If these laws are kept (and
they can only be kept by a people in whose heart
they have been written) there will be PEACE
and CONTENTMENT in that community, with
FREEDOM from strife.

Individual Requirement

When the question is asked as to what we
can do regarding the law, the answer is to keep
the law insofar as it is possible for the individual
to comply with its requirements. No individual
can do less as he desires and works for the
God as the Law of the land in the World
Answers to Questions in Lesson 21:
We have given but a brief summary of
1. A church. 2. Ekklesia. 3. No. 4.
the ten commandments in this lesson, making
Because of their teachings regarding
reference to certain of the statutes and judgments
government. 5. Hagios. 6. Set apart for
which are for the purpose of forcing men to
YEHOVAH; consecrated ones; chosen;
comply with the requirements of the
elect. 7. No. 8. Yes. 9. Soma. 10. A
commandments. Until the nations of the world
sound whole. 11. For a special purpose: to
make this enforcement part of their
be a holy nation. 12. Separate, or set apart.
administrative activities only men called out by
13. Yes. 14. Individuals called “saints.” 15.
YEHOVAH God will strive to keep the
requirements of the law.

YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor
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