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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 22

The Seventh Commandment Leviticus 18:6.
COMMENT: Close marriages among
Next to murder, YEHOVAH God CON- BLOOD RELATIVES are absolutely FOR-
DEMNS the pollution of the life-stream of His BIDDEN.
people. 5. What does YEHOVAH God say about
1. Take note of Exodus 20:14. SODOMY (homosexual relationships)? Lev-
COMMENT: Family life was to be iticus 18:22.
guarded against ALL such corruption, hence the COMMENT: DEATH is pronounced
necessity of the seventh commandment. A for the crime of sodomy.
vigorous, prosperous, healthy nation depends 6. What about carnal relationships with
upon healthy and virtuous FAMILY LIFE and animals? Leviticus 18:23.
relationship. History has clearly shown again COMMENT: This is an ABOMI-
and again that when a people DEPART from the NATION in the eyes of YEHOVAH God.
laws of decency and morality, that nation 7. Girls or woman who are engaged to be
DECLINES. The Bible is very clear in its married are treated, under YEHOVAH’s law, as
instruction regarding PROPER relationships though they are married. Deuteronomy 22:
between the sexes -- for ignorance of such 25-27.
matters is NOT treated in scripture as a virtue. COMMENT: YEHOVAH demands the
DEALTH PENALTY for the man who molests
Death for Adultery them.
8. A problem, the MISHANDLING of
1. Severe judgments are pronounced which has caused untold suffering, involves
upon those who fail to keep these laws.
A Painting of Moses Breaking the Tablet of
Leviticus 20:10.
COMMENT: Respect for womanhood,
motherhood and for the RIGHTS of one’s
neighbor would prevent violation of the seventh
commandment. DEATH is the penalty pro-
nounced for its violation.
2. Yeshua the Messiah cited this
commandment and rendered a judgment under it
-- Matthew 5:27-28.
COMMENT: Under such a judgment
THOUSANDS become guilty, for in this
statement the Messiah has taken this
commandment from the Tablet of Stone and
written it upon the heart. Outwardly men can
appear virtuous by force of circumstances, but
the man whose HEART is right will not think or
desire to do evil. He will, in thought and deed,
refrain from all evil -- regardless of conditions
and circumstances.
3. An example of this is found in the life
of Joseph. Genesis 39:7-13.
4. Very strict rules are given under the
law governing sex relations and hygiene. Notice

YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor
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