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Lesson 22 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

young people who have been COMPELLED to ANY of the other laws.
marry (the girl has become pregnant). What does 1. Violence and murder -- and in fact the
YEHOVAH say about this? Deuteronomy ENTIRE category of crime -- can often be traced
22:28-29. to the violation of this eighth command. Exodus
COMMENT: Under the law it was 20:15.
MANDATORY that they marry and it is COMMENT: Condemnation under this
stipulated as an atonement that the young man law is passed upon a WIDE VARIETY of
pay a sum of money to the girl’s father. In activities in our modern business and financial
addition to this the law declares that the young life. Every phase of human activity that
man may NOT divorce her for any cause all the undertakes to secure something for nothing
days of his life. Thus, by this act, he has made when such acquisition is a LOSS to others is
binding upon himself the need of keeping, STEALING!
supporting, and cherishing her to the end of life. 2. Even withholding the tithe from
9. Adultery is the ONE GROUND under YEHOVAH God was considered stealing.
YEHOVAH’s law that the Messiah stated was Malachi 3:8.
justification for divorce. Notice what he said
Matthew 5:32. Judgments for Stealing
COMMENT: The reason for this is
clear. According to the law of judgment, The judgment for stealing varied with the
DEATH was the penalty for adultery. Therefore, TYPE of goods stolen. It ranged from
under the law, the one who committed adultery RESTORATION and other penalties to even
is LEGALLY DEAD and whether actual death DEATH.
follows or not, divorce was justifiable. 1. Notice the judgment for stealing oxen
10. There are certain CULTS that teach and sheep. Exodus 22:4.
against marriage. What does the New Testament COMMENT: If oxen and sheep were
say about this? I Timothy 4:1. stolen and found IN THE HAND of the thief (in
COMMENT: For men to follow such his possession), he was to restore DOUBLE.
teachings is declared to be giving heed to 2. What if the thief had sold or killed
seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. them? Exodus 22:1.
11. Why is this so? Hebrews 13:4. COMMENT: In this case the thief was
COMMENT: The Bible declares that to restore FIVE oxen and FOUR sheep for the
marriage is HONORABLE, but adulterers YE- one ox and the one sheep which he had taken.
HOVAH God will judge. While this law applied to an agricultural society
12. Notice what King Solomon said. it nevertheless sets forth a PRINCIPLE which
Proverbs 7:2. can as readily be applied to a HIGHLY
13. Solomon also said -- Proverbs 6:32. INDUSTRIALIZED CIVILIZATION. YEHO-
VAH God’s law removes all profit from stealing
The Eighth Commandment and imposes SEVERE penalties upon those who
Having given the commandments 3. What happens when money is stolen?
respecting life and virtue, YEHOVAH God Exodus 22:7.
proceeded to set forth man’s relationship to his COMMENT: When money is stolen,
neighbor’s goods. The violation of this eighth the thief must make DOUBLE restoration.
commandment is responsible for the 4. In the case of KIDNAPPING, or the
commitment of MORE violence and has caused stealing of a man, woman or child to sell them
MORE suffering than perhaps the violation of for ransom, what does YEHOVAH God say?

YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor
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