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2. In verse 28, who does Paul say the the one in Corinth, and that they were made up of
elders should “take heed therefore unto” besides individuals called “saints.”
themselves? Who does Paul say purchased the
“ecclesia of God” with his own blood? More Ecclesias and Saints
COMMENT: Compare this verse with
Ephesians 5:25. The Bible makes it ABUNDANTLY
3. Verse 29 identifies the object of Paul’s CLEAR that ecclesias of saints existed beyond
warning -- what is it? the city of Corinth and the area of Achaia
COMMENT: Compare this verse with (Greece).
Ezekiel 22:27 and Matthew 7:15. 1. Read Galatians 1:1-6. In verse 2 Paul
The verses above describe the “ecclesia is writing to the ecclesia in what location?
of God” as the flock. The elders (serving as 2. In writing to this ecclesia Paul states
overseers) were to “feed” the ecclesia (feed the that the Messiah “gave himself for our sins, that
flock, i.e. sheep) and protect them from FALSE he might deliver [select]” them “from this
TEACHING (verse 30). Recall how lesson six present evil” what? Verse 4.
identified the flock -- the SHEEP that hear the 3. Verse 6 indicates they had been called
Messiah’s voice and follow him. The ecclesia, into the what of the Messiah?
then, consists of the Messiah’s sheep -- those COMMENT: Here we see the members
that are CALLED OUT of the world system and of the ecclesia in Galatia being SELECTED
regenerated (given new life, i.e. resurrected or from (out of) the Babylonian-style slave system
“born again”) through the promised New (centralized government) and “CALLED” into
Covenant. It is important to note that the word the freedom of the Messiah.
“elders” does NOT refer to “positions” or 4. Read Ephesians 1:1-4. To whom is
“offices” in some “church” organization. It Paul writing to in Ephesus? Verse 1. What is
simply refers to OLDER, WISER MEN who their relationship to the Messiah? Last part.
were looked upon as “leaders.” 5. What does Paul tell them they have
been chosen to be? Verse 4. Also, they are
Ecclesia = Saints without what? (Compare with Ephesians 5:27).
6. Philippians 1:1 states that Paul is
1. In writing to the ecclesia of writing to the saints at what location?
YEHOVAH God in Corinth, what does Paul say 7. In Colossians 1:2 Paul calls the saints
about it? I Corinthians 1:2 -- first part. What faithful what?
does Paul say they are “called” to be? 8. Read I Thessalonians 1:1-4. In verse
2. Along with the ecclesia of 1 Paul is writing to the ecclesia in what location?
YEHOVAH God which is at Corinth, Paul is 9. What does verse 4 speak of?
also writing to a specific “group” in a certain COMMENT: It is obvious that much of
Roman province. What is this “group” com- the New Testament is composed of letters
posed of and where are they located? II written to many different ecclesias whose
Corinthians 1:1, last part. members were addressed as “saints.” The word
COMMENT: According to the above “saints” is translated from the Greek word
verses, those that were of the ecclesia in Corinth hagios (#40 in Strong’s Concordance), mean-
were “sanctified (compare with Ephesians ing “sacred” (holy) or “consecrated.” Thayer’s
5:26) and called to be “saints.” Not only were Greek Lexicon indicates this word means “SET
there saints in Corinth, but they were all APART FOR GOD.” Literally, “saints” are
throughout the area of Achaia (Greece). That “HOLY ONES” or “CONSECRATED ONES”
suggests there were other ecclesias in addition to -- those “SET APART” for YEHOVAH God’s
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