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the “body” of the Messiah by comparing it to the
human body with its various parts -- each with its
own particular function for the overall
well-being of the body as a “sound whole”
(recall Strong’s definition of “body” -- #4983).
The brethren clearly make up the body of the
Messiah (verse 27), and verse 28 indicates that
some of those in the ECCLESIA are given
SPONSIBILITIES (apostles, prophets, teachers,
etc.). Take note of HOW the members of the
Additional scriptures give more
“body of Christ” are EQUATED to the members
information regarding this body -- the EC-
of the ecclesia.
12. Read Ephesians 5:21-33. According
4. Read Romans 12:1-8. Who is Paul
to verse 23, who is the head (master) of the
addressing in verse 1 (those residing at Rome)?
5. In verse 5 Paul states that the
13. What does verse 24 say regarding the
Christians (including Paul) are what? What does
he then says they are in relation to the Messiah?
14. According to verse 25, how did the
6. Verse 6 then goes on to explain how
Messiah feel towards the ecclesia and what did
the members of this BODY have different things
he do for it?
according to the grace that is given to them.
15. What was the Messiah to do to the
What are these “things”?
ecclesia by “the washing of water by the word”?
COMMENT: Notice how the body
Verse 26.
consists of many brethren who are “members
16. What else was the ecclesia to be as
one of another.” Notice also that various
well as being glorious and not having spot or
capabilities are given to these members,
wrinkle? Verse 27.
examples of which are given in verses 6-8. This
17. According to verse 29, what does the
same concept is referred to in other passages in
Messiah do for the ecclesia?
the Bible.
18. According to verse 30 what are we --
7. Read I Corinthians, chapter 12. Who
those YEHOVAH God calls out? What are we
is Paul addressing in verse 1 concerning
part of?
spiritual gifts?
19. What does verse 32 indicate Paul
8. In verse 12 what does Paul compare
was speaking about -- “Christ and the
the Messiah to? What is the “thing” the Messiah
is compared to composed of?
COMMENT: The preceding verses
9. In verse 13, what is it that Paul states
describe the ECCLESIA (the Messiah’s body)
“by one spirit are we all baptized into”?
by comparing it to a husband-wife relationship.
10. After describing the human body and
In this comparison we are given some
its various members (verses 14-26), what does
descriptive characteristics of the ecclesia which
Paul state in verse 27 regarding the body?
should help us identify it.
11. Verse 28 then explains that “some in
the______” have been set (placed or appointed)
Ecclesia = Flock (Sheep)
by YEHOVAH God to perform various
functions. (Compare with Ephesians 4:11).
1. Read Acts 20:17-35. In verse 17, who
COMMENT: The above verses explain
did Paul call from Ephesus?
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