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grow into?
5. In I Corinthians 3:16-17, what does
Paul tell the brethren they are?
6. Read I Peter 2:1-10. Speaking to the
scattered “elect” (verses 1-2, chapter 1), what
spiritual object does Peter say they “are built up”
as? What holy association do they become?
7. What sort of generation are they?
Verse 9. As such, how did the Messiah bring
them “into his marvelous light”? Compare with
Exodus 19:5-6.


We have seen in this lesson that
ECCLESIA and CHURCH are NOT equivalent
terms. They are SEPARATE and DISTINCT
concepts. Using them interchangeably is MIS-
LEADING and wrong. Because of FAULTY
translation, most Christians look to a church -- a
human-created institution patterned after
centralized government -- and MISTAKE it for
the “body” of the Messiah. As a result, they have
MISUNDERSTOOD the TRUE purpose and
essence of the Messiah’s ecclesia -- those
“CALLED OUT” to freedom. Creations of men
(churches) have USURPED the role of the
ecclesias. Thus, the majority of “professing”
Christians are being programmed for slavery.
Most Christians MISTAKENLY believe that the
Messiah and his apostles were persecuted
because of their “religion,” when IN FACT they
were persecuted because of their teachings
regarding “GOVERNMENT” (i.e., the Gospel
of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God). Neither
Rome, nor the Judeans, would have taken notice
of just another religion. But “ecclesias” are NOT
religious institutions: they are bodies of
“CALLED-OUT” Christians living and working
together in free communities -- THE
MENT. When “ecclesia” is understood and
recognized, and the term “church” is EXPOSED
and DISCARDED, the Bible takes on new
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