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Question 1: “The company of all Christians regarded as a mystical spiritual body” is a
definition of what?_________________________________________________

Question 2: The phrase “to call out” or “call together” is derived from which Greek word?

Question 3: Are the Greek words kuriakos and ekklesia synonymous?________________

Question 4: Why were the Messiah and his apostles persecuted?_____________________

Question 5: The word “saints” is translated from which Greek word?_________________

Question 6: What are some of the meanings of the Greek word hagios?

Question 7: Does the term “elder” refer to a position or office in a “church” organization?

Question 8: Is it true that Paul compares the ecclesia to a husband-wife relationship?_____

Question 9: The word “body” is translated from which Greek word?__________________

Question 10: What does the Greek word soma mean?_____________________________

Question 11: Why did YEHOVAH God call (choose) Israel out of the nations of the

Question 12: In Hebrew, what does the word translated as “holy” mean?______________

Question 13: Is the English word “church” an acceptable evolution of the Greek word

Question 14: The ecclesias were made up of what?_______________________________

Question 15: Have Bible translators incorrectly translated the Greek word ekklesia into the
English word “church”?_____________________________________________

The answers will be found in the next lesson. Approximately 3 weeks after receiving Lessons
21- 24, you will receive a mail-in test that covers these four lessons. The test will be returned
to you after grading. Following the completion of the Hope of Israel Bible Correspondence
Course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete the course with a grade
of 75% or better you will also receive an Outstanding Student Award.
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