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Lesson 2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

Judean! His disciples were also Galileans (Acts Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: “A Hebrew
1:11). Galilee was the scene of the greater part of or Israelite.”
Yeshua’s private life and public acts. Where, Webster’s Twentieth Century
then, does the ERRONEOUS IDEA come from Dictionary (1939): “A Hebrew or Israelite; any
that the Messiah was a “Jew”? We will now descendant of Jacob.”
conclude this lesson by examining the ORIGIN Funk & Wagnalls New Standard
and MODERN USES of this MISAPPLIED Dictionary (1965): 1. A worshiper of God who
word “Jew.” follows the Mosaic law and ritual. 2. A member
of the Hebraic division of the Semitic race; a
Modern Origin and Usage of the Word “Jew” descendant of Abraham through Sarah in the line
of Jacob.”
The word “Jew” is a relatively Webster’s New World Dictionary
MODERN word. In fact, it was NOT in (1966): “Citizen or subject of the tribe or
existence until more than 1,000 years AFTER kingdom of Judah. 1. A person descended, or
the time of the Messiah. The word “Jew” was regarded as descended, from the ancient
coined long after the Scriptures were written and Hebrews of Biblical times. 2. A person whose
CANNOT be found in early Christian writings. religion is Judaism.”
Writes Benjamin H. Freedman in the The Reader’s Digest Great
book Facts Are Facts: “When the word ‘Jew’ Encyclopedic Dictionary (1968): “1. A member
was first introduced into the English language in or descendant of the Hebrew people. 2. Any
the 18th century, its one and only implication, person professing Judaism. 3. Originally, a
inference and innuendo was ‘JUDEAN.’ member of the tribe or the kingdom of Judah.”
However, during the 18th, 19th and 20th The American Heritage Dictionary
centuries a well-organized and well-financed (1976): “1. An adherent of Judaism. 2. A
international ‘pressure group’ created a descendant of the Hebrew people.”
so-called ‘secondary meaning’ for the word Random House Dictionary (1987): “1.
‘Jew’ among the English-speaking peoples of One of the scattered group of people that traces
the world. This so-called ‘secondary meaning’ its descent from the Biblical Hebrews; Israelite.
for the word ‘Jew’ bears no relation whatsoever 2. A person whose religion is Judaism. 3. A
to the 18th century original connotation of the subject of the ancient kingdom of Judah.”
word ‘Jew.’ It is a MISREPRESENTATION” COMMENT: Let’s examine more
(page 20). closely these CREATED “SECONDARY
In addition, when the word “Jew” was MEANINGS” and see how they have been used
first used in early English writings the intended to DISTORT and MISREPRESENT the truth.
meaning was “JUDEAN.” Since then Modern usage of the word “Jew” can be
“secondary meanings” have been created and categorized into FIVE general meanings:
used so extensively that very few people in the 1. A person descended from the
whole English-speaking world today are aware Biblical Hebrews and/or Israelites. We have
of the original use of the word. The original already examined the meanings of “Hebrew”
meaning of the word “Jew” has been virtually and “Israelite.” These two groups of people
HIDDEN and REPLACED with IN- existed LONG BEFORE the word “Jew” was
ACCURATE and MISLEADING definitions. coined. Furthermore, much evidence exists
A look at modern dictionary definitions proving that a vast majority of the people called
reveal how the secondary meanings have “Jews” today cannot legitimately claim Hebrew
REPLACED or “blacked out” the original and or Israelite ancestry. Therefore, it is totally
CORRECT meaning of the word “Jew.” Notice! illogical to say that “Jew” is synonymous to

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