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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 2

HAVE USED rather than “Jews.” the SAME AREA.
As a note of interest, a bitter rivalry and 2. Where does Mark 1:9 say that Yeshua
hatred existed between the Samaritans and the came from (indicating his residence)?
Judeans. This hostility was based, in part, on the 3. Why were they in Bethlehem of Judea
feud between them concerning which temple at the time Yeshua was born?
was superior: the Samaritan temple on Mount COMMENT: Yeshua was born to
Gerizim or the Judean TEMPLE at Jerusalem parents who resided in GALILEE, making ALL
(John 4:20 centers on this disagreement). The THREE of them Galileans. The fact that Yeshua
intense animosity between these two peoples is was born while his parents were visiting in Judea
what verse 9 refers to. The Samaritan woman doesn’t change that and make them Judeans.
MISTAKENLY assumed that Yeshua was from 4. Where does Mark 1:14 say Yeshua
Judea and thus a Judean. The words “Jew” and began his ministry after his baptism by John?
“Jews” in verse 9 should have been Notice also verses 38 and 39. Also see Matthew
CORRECTLY RENDERED “Judean” and 4:12-17 and Luke 4:14-15.
“Judeans.” Both words are translated from the 5. Where does Mark 1:16-20 say
Greek word Ioudaios (Strong’s #2453), Yeshua found Simon (Peter), Andrew, James
referring to the land of Judea and its people and John?
(Judeans). 6. Where did Yeshua’s fame spread after
he started his ministry? (Verse 28).
Was Yeshua the Messiah a “Judean”? 7. According to Mark 3:7-8, where did
the multitudes go to find the Messiah?
Now we come to a very important COMMENT: Note the different areas
question and a point that has consistently caused from which they came to see and hear him.
much confusion throughout the Christian world 8. According to John 2:1-11, where did
due to INCORRECT TRANSLATION and Yeshua’s first miracle of turning the water into
WORD MANIPULATION. Prevailing Judeo- wine take place?
Christian thought today is that Yeshua the 9. In Luke 23:5 Yeshua’s accusers told
Messiah was a Jew, as were his parents and their Pilate that Yeshua began his teaching in what
ancestors. We have already seen that the name area?
“Jew” should have been translated “Judean.” COMMENT: The word “Jewry” in
Let’s get to the bottom of this issue by verse 5 is translated from the Greek word
examining what the Bible has to say. Ioudaia, Strong’s #2449, meaning the land of
The area of Judea at the time of the JUDEA. This word was, for the most part,
Messiah was under Roman military occupation translated correctly as “Judea.” Here, and in
and was populated by a MIXTURE of people. John 7:1, however, are the only two places in
They were ALL Judeans by RESIDENCE, the entire New Testament where the word
although they represented VARIOUS AN- “Jewry” was INCORRECTLY used.
CESTRIES. Israelites represented only PART of 10. In Luke 23:6-7, who did Pilate
the inhabitants. discover Yeshua was?
1. Read Micah 5:2. Where was the COMMENT: Galilee, at this time, was
Messiah born? under the rule of Herod Antipas who happened
COMMENT: This verse states that to be in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.
Bethlehem is in the land of JUDAH. Other Yeshua, being a GALILEAN, thus came under
verses mention that Bethlehem is in JUDEA. Herod’s jurisdiction.
This is further evidence that Old Testament It is obvious from the Bible that Yeshua
Judah and Judea of the New Testament refer to the Messiah was a GALILEAN -- NOT a

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