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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 2

Dictionary tells us that the word “Jew” comes COMMENT: This shows that the area
from the Hebrew word Yehudah, meaning known as “Judah” still existed AFTER the time
“Judah.” Smith’s Bible Dictionary states that of the captivity.
after the split of the Israel nation, the southern 11. In Ezra 1:5 what people were moved
kingdom (known as the kingdom of Judah) to return to Jerusalem to do the rebuilding?
consisted of the tribe of Judah plus the larger part COMMENT: Chapter 2 of Ezra gives
of Benjamin. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary the names of those in captivity who returned to
defines the word “Jew” as “a contraction of Jerusalem in Judah.
Judas or Judah.” 12. In Ezra 4:12 the letter sent by the
2. Read II Kings 16:1-6. adversaries to the king of Persia called these
3. According to II Kings 15:27, Pekah rebuilders “Jews.” What name would have more
began to reign as king of what kingdom? accurately described these people?
4. II Kings 16:1 tells us that Ahaz began 13. Ezra 5:1 tells us that the prophets
to reign as king of what kingdom? Haggai and Zechariah prophesied to people in
5. King Pekah joined King Rezin of Judah and Jerusalem. The translators called
Syria to war against and besiege what people? them “Jews” -- who were these people? (Verse
(Verse 5). 2).
6. Verse 6 tells us that King Rezin drove 14. Ezra 5:8 further identifies the area of
the “Jews” from Elath. Based on who King the rebuilding by calling it what province?
Rezin was at war with and the definitions given COMMENT: This indicates that the
above, who do you think these people called area known as “Judah” was ALSO called
“Jews” were? “Judea.”
7. What would have been a more 15. Daniel chapter 3 is another place
accurate translation instead of “Jews”? where the word “Jews” can be found.
8. Read now Ezra 4:12 and 23, and COMMENT: This is the story of how
Ezra 5:1 and 5. This is the next place in the the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar ordered
Bible where the word “Jews” appears. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to be cast
COMMENT: The Hebrew word from into the fiery furnace for violating his decree to
which it was translated in each case is worship the golden image. These three men are
Yehuwdaiy (Strong’s #3062), meaning called “Jews” by the translators in verse 12. It is
“Jehudaite (or Judaite).” This word comes from translated from the Hebrew word Yehuwdiy
Yehuwd (Strong’s #3061), meaning “Judah, (Strong’s #3064) which we defined earlier.
hence Judea” and corresponds to #3063 16. Read Daniel 1-3.
(mentioned above). Note that the connection 17. Daniel 1:1-2. What people did King
between the terms “Judah” and “Judea.” Nebuchadnezzar carry away captive into
The word “Judea” found in Ezra 5:8 is Babylon?
translated from the Hebrew word Yehuwd 18. Daniel 1:6-7. To what people did
(#3061), meaning “Judah.” The word “Judah” in Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Ezra 5:1 is translated from this same Hebrew belong?
word. This indicates that “Judea” and “Judah” 19. Daniel 3:12. Rather than “Jews,”
refer to the SAME LAND OR AREA. what should these men have been called?
9. Read Ezra 1-5. COMMENT: It appears that the
10. Ezra 1:1-3 explains how Cyrus, Hebrew words that were translated into the
King of Persia, proclaimed the rebuilding of the English word “Jew” referred to the area known
Temple in Jerusalem. According to verses 2 and as “Judah” (Judea) and to the people from those
3, where does it say Jerusalem is located? areas (Judahites or Judeans). Therefore, the

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