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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 2

“Hebrew” or “Israelite.” “Jews” today Semites?
2. A person descended from the 3. Did true Christianity develop out of
Biblical tribe of Judah. As noted above, most Judaism?
so-called Jews today are NOT of Israelite 4. Can the majority of the people who
ancestry and thus could NOT have descended call themselves “Jewish” trace their lineage back
from Judah. We have also seen that the Hebrew to Judah?
word translated “Jew” in the Old Testament COMMENT: Contrary to popular
should have been CORRECTLY rendered opinion, the people called “Jews” today DO
“Judahite” or “men of Judah.” It is simply a NOT constitute a single race. Rather, they are a
MISREPRESENTATION to equate “Jew” with multi-ethnic people, many of which are products
a descendant of Judah. of considerable race mixing. Khazar ancestry, by
3. A Semite. A large majority of their own admission, is DOMINANT within
so-called “Jews” today are descendants of a Jewry. Over the centuries true Christianity -- as
non-semitic people known as “Khazars” and taught and practiced by the Messiah and his
CANNOT be classified as “Semitic.” apostles -- was INFILTRATED and
4. A descendant of the people PAGANIZED by Jewish thought and practices.
inhabiting Palestine at the time of the This has given rise to the term “Judeo-
Messiah. Most so-called “Jews” today Christianity” which is nothing more than
CANNOT trace their ancestry back to these Judaism and pagan Greek concepts in disguise.
people. In addition, the term “Jew” did NOT To answer the question “was Yeshua the
exist at that time! We have already seen that the Messiah a Jew?” -- the answer is a resounding
Greek word translated as “Jew(s)” in the New NO! However, he WAS descended from Judah
Testament should have been CORRECTLY the son of Israel!
rendered “Judean.” Now that we have a clear understanding
5. A person whose religion is Judaism. of the terms Semite, Hebrew, Israelite, Judean
Of the meanings listed, this appears to be the and Jew, we need to examine the meaning and
ONLY ONE with any validity today. Some usage of another often MISUSED and
so-called Jews claim they do not actively MISREPRESENTED word -- “Gentile.” This
practice the religion; however, Judaism is will be the subject of Lesson 4. Also, in Lesson
MORE than just an organized religion. It 4, we will identify WHO the TRUE DE-
encompasses a PHILOSOPHY or WAY OF SCENDANTS of the Israelites are in the world
LIFE with many customs and traditions. today!
Contrary to popular opinion, Judaism centers
around the TALMUD -- rather than the Law of
Moses. And true Christianity has NO ROOTS in
Judaism as the two are DIAMETRICALLY
OPPOSED in law and spirit. Judaism can be
traced back to BABYLON and grew out of the
“traditions of the elders” (Phariseeism) practiced
by the Judeans of the Messiah’s day. Yeshua
clearly condemned these religious practices.
However, the term “Judaism” is of RECENT
ORIGIN and was unknown to the Judeans.
1. Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
2. Are the majority of the people called Assyrians, too, were Semites.

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