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Lesson 2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Correct Meaning of Names

LESSON 2 Concordance #8280-82), meaning “prince” or
“princess,” (see root #8269 -- ruler) and el
Hebrew (#410), meaning “mighty one; God.” The
Hebrew word el is used in many places as part of
According to Strong’s Concordance the the various names given to YEHOVAH God.
word “Hebrew,” as found in the Old Testament, Thus, Yisrael means “YEHOVAH is our Prince”
comes from the Hebrew word Ibriy (#5680) or “ruled by YEHOVAH.” Genenius’
which refers to “an Eberite or descendant of Hebrew-Chaldean Lexicon defines the Hebrew
Eber.” word Yisrael: “soldier of God.” This name was
1. Genesis chapter 10 tells us that Eber given to Jacob, after he wrestled with and
was a descendant of Shem who was one of prevailed over a “man,” inferring that
Noah’s sons. The word “Hebrew” (Eberite) is a YEHOVAH God was with Jacob
FAMILY name: the family or DESCENDANTS 1. Read Genesis 32:24-30.
of Eber. COMMENT: In verse 30 we read that
2. Read Genesis 39. Who is the Hebrew Jacob named the place of this struggle “Peniel”
mentioned in verses 14 and 17? (#6439) which in the Hebrew means “face of
3. Read Exodus chapter 1. The God.”
midwives mentioned in verses 15, 16 and 19 2. In Genesis 35:10 YEHOVAH God
were from what nation of people? (See verse confirmed the changing of Jacob’s name to
13). Israel.
COMMENT: The first place the word COMMENT: Israel is a FAMILY
“Hebrew” is used in the Old Testament (King name: the family or DESCENDANTS of Jacob.
James Version) is Genesis 14:13. This verse The first time we find this word used in the Old
tells us that Abram (later called Abraham) was a Testament (King James Version) is Genesis
Hebrew, meaning that he was of the family of 32:28 which tells us that Jacob’s name was
Eber. Thus, any descendant of Abraham could changed to “Israel.” (See also Genesis 35:10).
ACCURATELY be called a Hebrew. Were The twelve sons of Jacob and their descendants
Isaac, Jacob and Esau Hebrews? Yes, because all became known as “Israelites” (also the “children
three were descendants of Abraham and thus of Israel), and together they formed the nation of
belong to the family of Eber. Were Shem, Noah Israel.
and Adam Hebrews? NO, because all three lived 3. In Romans 9:3-4, who did the apostle
BEFORE Eber was born Paul say were his brethren and kinsmen
By definition, the word “Hebrew” can be according to the flesh?
traced back to Eber -- AND NO FURTHER! 4. In Romans 11:1, what did Paul call
Eber was the first Hebrew, contrary to what himself? And what tribe did he belong to?
some people say. 5. What man calls himself both an
Israelite AND a Hebrew in Philippians 3:5?
Israelite 6. According to John 1:47, who did
Yeshua the Messiah say was an Israelite?
The Hebrew word Yisrael from which 7. Now read Joshua 3. In verse 17, what
the word “Israel” is translated comes from two people did Joshua lead across the Jordan River?
other Hebrew words: sarah (Strong’s 8. According to I Kings 12:23,

The Correct Meaning of Names
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