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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 1

today! If you do not yet have a free copy of the YEHOVAH’s indictment of her sins! Has this
article, The PLAIN TRUTH About Christmas, system been perpetuated down to our day today?
write for it immediately and study it. You will
see how Satan has deceived men into worshiping
Nimrod -- all the while calling him Savior!
6. What was the basic doctrine of
the Nicolaitanes originally taught by Nimrod?
Genesis 10:8-10.
against YEHOVAH God -- against His laws.
Nimrod was opposed to YEHOVAH God. The
phrase “a mighty hunter BEFORE THE LORD"
in the Hebrew indicates he had set himself in
opposition to -- and IN THE PLACE OF the
LORD. Nimrod was the world’s first despot.
Josephus, prominent Jewish historian of
the first century A.D., says of him, “Now it was
Nimrod who excited them to such an affront and
contempt of God ... he also gradually changed
the government into tyranny ..." (Ant. Bk. I,
Chap. IV, Part a).
7. What more did Nimrod do in rebellion
against YEHOVAH God? Genesis 11:1-9,
compared with Genesis 10:10. Wasn’t
Nimrod’s first city Babel, or Babylon? Same
COMMENT: Again, notice the
testimony of Josephus: “He [Nimrod] also said
he would be revenged on God, if He should have
Children are confused by many impersonators
a mind to drown the world again; for he would
of “Santa.” To maintain deception, parents call
build a tower too high for the waters to be able to
them “Santa’s helpers.”
reach!" Nimrod claimed to be the “savior” of
mankind -- saving them from YEHOVAH God.
Such was his blasphemy! Review Revelation, chapter 18.
The people he had conquered now
followed him. “Now the multitude were very “Christmas” BEFORE CHRIST! “Lo
ready to follow the determination of Nimrod," Saturnalia!” -- “Merry Christmas”
reports Josephus, “and to esteem it a piece of
COWARDICE to submit to God." Christmas customs were celebrated in
Nimrod taught that it was wrong -- Rome long before the birth of Yeshua the
cowardice -- to submit to YEHOVAH God and Messiah! They were called the “Saturnalia.”
His laws! This was the doctrine of the Toward the end of December the
Nicolaitanes! Romans set aside several days to celebrate the
8. Doesn’t YEHOVAH God label this winter solstice -- when the sun reached the
false religious system by the name of its city of lowest point in the heavens, and the days were
origin? Revelation 17:5. Her very name bears shortest. The high point of this solar festival was

The Pagan Origins of Christmas
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