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2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 1

An Open Letter from the Staff...

WHY do people all over the world
observe so many different days of worship? So
many different customs?
Where did this world’s holidays come
from? Were they established by the SU-
Almighty? What BIBLE AUTHORITY is
there for the holidays observed by most of
modern Christianity?
Very few know why they observe the
days they do!
Why do most professing Christians
observe days which are NOWHERE com-
manded in your Bible -- days neither Yeshua HOPE OF ISRAEL MINISTRIES
the Messiah nor the apostles kept?
In this lesson you will learn that Ye- BIBLE
shua himself did not observe today’s so- called CORRESPONDENCE COURSE
“Christian” holidays -- that in reality they are LESSON 1
not Christian at all!
So what about Christmas -- with its Published at Arcadia, California by Hope of
red-nosed reindeer, Santa Claus and gift Israel Ministries (Ecclesia of YEHOVAH).
trading? You will learn that the Messiah was
not born anywhere near December 25 -- that EDITOR AND DIRECTOR
on this date the ancient pagans worshiped the
John D. Keyser
Just as Satan the Devil deceived men
into pagan “SUNDAY” observance instead of TECHNICAL ADVISOR
keeping YEHOVAH’s Sabbath Day -- so Sean C. Keyser
Satan has instituted his own holiday of
Christmas. It is a clever counterfeit contrived YOUR ENROLLMENT has been paid by
to HIDE YEHOVAH’s Supreme Master Plan. others. Bulk copies for distribution not
This holiday is made to appear as a given or sold.
happy time, time to enjoy YOURSELF. But it ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to the
serves no useful purpose. It has no great Editor at the following address:
significance or meaning. Generally, it is a day Hope of Israel Ministries, P.O. Box 2186,
when most people simply take off from work, Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
picnic, play in the snow, etc., while a devoted _________________________________
FEW attend church!
No one in the world, it seems, ques- About Our Cover...
tions Satan’s day of Christmas -- it has be-
come customary -- “traditional”! It is as- Nativity scenes such as this have a pagan
sumed to be “Christian.” With this lesson we origin common with all the other attributes
will show, from the Bible, the shocking true of Christmas celebrations.
origins of the custom of Christmas!

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