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Lesson 1 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

DAY for the Messiah to be born in Judea. II Kings 9:13; 11:11).
COMMENT: Quite remarkably, NO COMMENT: Jewish authorities long
OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR could acknowledged this ROYAL import to the Day of
astronomically fit Revelation 12:1-3. The Trumpets. Theodor H. Gaster writes that “the
meaning of this day to the Jews of the first Sovereignty of [YEHOVAH] God is a dominant
century clearly links this day to the BIRTH OF theme of the occasion [and] it is one of the
THE MESSIAH -- and also his second coming cardinal features of New Year’s Day” (Festivals
in the future! Notice! of the Jewish Year, p. 115).
If we can realize that the New Testament The central theme of the Day of
indicates that Yeshua the Messiah was Trumpets is clearly that of ENTHRONEMENT
symbolically born on the Feast of Trumpets an of the great King of kings (YEHOVAH God)
impressive amount of symbolic features emerge and His MESSIAH! This was the general
on the biblical and prophetic scenes. understanding of the day in early Judaism and it
10. Writes Ernest L. Martin -- “The last is certainly that of the New Testament. In
trump in the seven months’ series was always Revelation 11:15 the seventh angel sounds his
sounded on this New Moon day. This made it the “last trump” and “the kingdoms of this world
FINAL TRUMPETS’ DAY (Leviticus 23:24 have become the KINGDOMS of our Lord
and Numbers 29:1). [YEHOVAH God] and of His Christ [the
“This was the EXACT DAY that many Messiah].”
of the ancient kings and rulers of Judah reckoned Explains Ernest L. Martin -- “...the Book
as their INAUGURATION DAY OF RULE. of Revelation is giving us, in a symbolic way, the
This procedure was followed consistently in the time for THE NATIVITY OF JESUS whom
time of Solomon, Jeremiah, and Ezra. The Day Christians considered to be the king of the world
of Trumpets was acknowledged as the time for [actually, Israel]” (The Star that Astonished the
counting the years of their kingly rule. Indeed, it World, p. 201).
was customary that the final ceremony in the
CORONATION OF KINGS was the blowing of No Christmas for Nearly 300 Years!
trumpets” (The Star that Astonished the World,
p. 198). Nearly 300 years passed after the birth of
COMMENT: Nathanael would the Messiah before there was any mention of
NEVER have exclaimed “You ARE the KING celebrating his birth. Notice the CLEAR and
OF ISRAEL” (John 1:49) if the Messiah had not FRANK admission of the Catholic Dictionary
been born on the Feast of Trumpets as they fully under “Christmas,” by Cardinal McClosky:
expected! “St. Chrysostom, in a Christmas sermon
11. Notice what happens at the EXACT delivered at Antioch in the year 386 says ‘It is
TIME this “last trump” is sounded on the Feast not ten years since this day (Christmas day on
of Trumpets. Revelation 11:15. December 25) was clearly known to us.”
COMMENT: In the language of the Therefore, if Christmas was not
New Testament this surely shows the time of the celebrated until fewer than 10 years before 386
CORONATION OF THE MESSIAH -- and it A.D., it is plain that the first commemoration of
happens at the seventh (or last) trump in the the Messiah’s birth did NOT take place before
Book of Revelation (the Day or Feast of the year 377 A.D. For more than 300 years after
Trumpets). Truly, the Day of Trumpets’ theme is his birth there was NO CELEBRATION OF
that of KINGSHIP! DECEMBER 25 as the Messiah’s birthday. But
12. The blowing of trumpets was the sign to appease pagan converts to the Catholic
that kings could then begin to rule (I Kings 1:34; Church, their heathen celebrations were brought

The Pagan Origins of Christmas
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