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Lesson 1 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Pagan Origins of Christmas

LESSON 1 COMMENT: A Nicolaitan is a follower
of Nicolas! The name Nicolas is derived from
Deception Foretold in the Bible the Greek words, “nikos” and “laos”. “Nikos”
means the “conqueror” or “destroyer,” and
Long ago, YEHOVAH God foretold that “laos” means “people.” The original Nicolas
pagan practices would creep into churches was a conqueror or destroyer of the people!
claiming to worship Him. He WARNED us to Nicolas was a Greek word for “Nimrod”
beware! -- the original arch-rebel who conquered the
1. Did Yeshua the Messiah warn people and founded man-made religion within
Christians in the end times that false ministers two centuries after the Flood.
would deceive the many? Matthew 24:11. While Nimrod was alive he put himself
Would these seem to be “Christian” ministers in the place of YEHOVAH God by his
who preach ABOUT Yeshua the Messiah, but dictatorial rule. And when he died, his admirers
still deceive many? Verses 4-5. CONTINUED TO WORSHIP HIM AS A
COMMENT: False ministers have DIVINE HERO! They CALLED HIM
cleverly adopted the name of the Messiah as a “BAAL,” a name found later throughout the Old
cloak for their false doctrines. Yeshua said, Testament. “Baal” means “master” or “lord.” It
“Many shall come in my name" -- purporting to was only natural that Nimrod should claim that
be Christian — “saying, I am Christ" -- even name. He put himself in the very place of the true
teaching that Yeshua is the Christ or Messiah — LORD or Master of the entire universe.
“and shall deceive many!" (Matthew 24:5.) But “Baal” was not Nimrod’s only other
2. Can one worship Christ (the Messiah), name. He had MANY names. In Babylonia he
call himself “Christian,” and still do it all in was known as “Tammuz.” In Syria and Greece,
vain? Matthew 15:9. How? -- by worshiping “Adonis” -- which also meant “lord.” In Egypt
according to the dictates and traditions of men? he was the god “Osiris,” and was identified in
Same verse. “mystery” symbolism as the bull!
3. Very early in New Testament times, Another of his names was “Santas,”
did the Apostle Paul find false teachers commonly used throughout Asia Minor. (See
pretending to be Christian -- even pretending to Langer’s An Encyclopedia of World History, p.
be APOSTLES? II Corinthians 11:13-14. 37.)
4. Did the Apostle John write that the Now you might ask, “Is there any
Church of YEHOVAH God at Ephesus had connection between Nimrod, who was called
discovered some of these false ministers -- ‘Santas’ in Asia Minor, and ‘Saint’ Nicolas of
falsely calling themselves the Messiah’s Asia Minor -- ‘Santa Claus’?" Yes, indeed there
Apostles? Revelation 2:2. How were the false is!
apostles at Ephesus discovered -- by their fruits, “SANTA CLAUS” is but a shortened
their deeds? Verse 6 and Matthew 7:20. form of “Santa Nicholas” or “Saint Nicholas.”
5. Does YEHOVAH God say He hates The followers of “St. Nicholas” or Nimrod are
the deeds of the Nicolaitanes? Revelation 2:6. termed “Nicolaitanes” in the New Testament. So
Did the Nicolaitanes hold false doctrine? Verse those people -- who falsely called themselves
15. Exactly who were the Nicolaitanes? “Christians” -- continued to honor NIMROD in
the days of the Apostle John -- just as they do

The Pagan Origins of Christmas
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