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Pre-Existence of the Messiah and Colossians 1:15-20
Did STONING Cause the Messiah's Early Death?
Did the Messiah Have Long Hair?
Did the Messiah Pre-Exist in Heaven?
Did the Spear Wound Kill the Messiah?
Did Yeshua the Messiah Pre-Exist?
Differences Between YEHOVAH God and the Messiah
Foreordained By YEHOVAH God
How the "Virgin Birth" Doctrine Nullifies Yeshua's Claim to Being Messiah
In Search of the Historical Messiah
Is the Godhead a TRINITY?
JOSEPH -- Legitimate Father of the Messiah!
Just What Do You Mean -- The "Son of God"?
Just Who Or What Is the "Messiah"?
Origins of the Virgin Birth MYTH
12 Proofs That Yeshua the Messiah DID NOT Pre-Exist!
Pre-Existence and the Messiah!
Pre-Existence In the Hebrew Mind
Psalm 110:1 -- The Most Catastrophic Mistranslation in Many Bibles
Purification and the Birth of the Messiah
Shared Titles of YEHOVAH God and the Messiah: The Biggest Stumbling Block to Oneness Believers
Swaddling Clothes and the Virgin Birth!
The Ancient Beginnings of the Virgin Birth Myth
The Big Hustle
The Incorruptible God?
The Messiah Was NOT "Jewish"!
The MYTH That Prevents a Human Messiah!
The Red Heifer
The Story of the Pagan Christian Logos!
The Virgin Birth and the Messiah
The Virgin Birth -- Or Virgin Conception?
Two Gods? -- A Fantastic Voyage In Logic!
Was Rahab the Harlot in the Messiah's Bloodline?
Was the Virgin Birth Doctrine Part of the Original Gospels?
What Happened to the REAL, Human Messiah?
What's the Messiah's REAL Name?
Who, Exactly, Is the Messiah?
Who Hijacked the Messiah?
Who, REALLY, Was the Father of the Messiah?
Why "Jesus" is An Insult to YEHOVAH God!
"Yeshua -- The Firstborn"
Yeshua the "God-Man": Really?
Yeshua -- The Good Shepherd of ISRAEL!
Yeshua the Messiah Did NOT Pre-Exist!
Yeshua the Messiah -- The Agent of YEHOVAH God!
Yeshua the Messiah Was Not a "Christian"!