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The MYTH That Prevents a Human Messiah

It is a sad fact that few on earth accept the Messiah as a LEGITIMATE HUMAN BEING born of human parents Joseph and Mary (John 1:45; John 6:42; Matthew 13:55; Luke 3:23), with a core HUMAN center and personality. A genuine human being has already gained the immortality which will be ours too when we inherit the Kingdom YEHOVAH God has prepared for us.

by Robin Todd

I want to speak to those who understand the Gospel of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God as it is consistently recorded in the Bible. It is the theme of both the Old and New Testaments and says basically this: that the ONE Person who is God, that is, YEHOVAH the "Father," is going to restore His Kingdom on this renewed planet, where people who accept this Kingdom will live the lives they were meant to live and be the people they were meant to be. That Kingdom is going to be restored at the end of this present age by YEHOVAH God Himself and one Yeshua of Nazareth, who is the adopted son of YEHOVAH and who is the prophesied HUMAN Messiah now glorified at YEHOVAH's right hand (Psalm 110:1; 1 Timothy 2:5).

When they return they will set up that Kingdom which will be headquartered in Jerusalem and will reign for a thousand years with the saints until everyone has been brought under YEHOVAH's loving rule. Some time after his appearance, the Messiah will turn everything over to his Father who has given to him the authority and power to execute this plan and, finally, a new heavens and new earth will then be established (1 Corinthians 15:28)

So again, it's to you who understand the nature of this Kingdom Gospel that I want to speak today. I intend to clear up for many why it is that mainstream, orthodox Christianity mostly does not accept the overwhelmingly consistent biblical teaching that the prophesied Messiah is the human being, Yeshua, and instead teaches that he is a pre-existent "God"-being in a Trinity of three God-persons. I want you to understand why the teaching that YEHOVAH God is only ONE person, the Father, is such a vital component of the Kingdom Gospel. Not only does the Trinity doctrine upset the entire biblical scheme of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God message, it makes Yeshua the Messiah essentially non-human.

It is a sad fact that few on earth accept the Messiah as a LEGITIMATE HUMAN BEING born of human parents Joseph and Mary (John 1:45; John 6:42; Matthew 13:55; Luke 3:23), with a core HUMAN center and personality. The New Testament church did, but as we know, within 100 years Greek philosophy and human speculation began perverting and replacing biblical monotheism and turned the Messiah into a second "God-person." Why did this happen? I don't mean how did it happen in history. That information has been well documented. What I mean is, what is the ultimate, underlying spiritual cause of this departure from the TRUTH? Amazingly, the answer is found at the beginning of this present world order when its foundation was first being laid.

It was at this time that a deception was perpetrated by Satan, the arch-enemy of both YEHOVAH God and those made in His image. The nature of this LIE has been hidden from men and women since the beginning of their existence on this earth, but nonetheless provides the foundation upon which all of this civilization has been built. This LIE actually sets the stage for a disbelief in a HUMAN savior. So I think it is time to more fully expose that lie and show how it is so diametrically opposed to the whole Kingdom message as revealed to us by YEHOVAH God through the prophets, Yeshua the Messiah, and the apostles.

The false foundation of this present world is simply this: being human is not good enough. A human being does not have what it takes to be a son or daughter of YEHOVAH God. I repeat: Satan has deceived the inhabitants of this earth to believe that being human is not good enough. The entire structure we call civilization from the dawn of human history has been built on this FALSE premise. The world absolutely cannot tolerate a doctrine that says Yeshua is a FULLY HUMAN Messiah, originating in his mother as the result of NORMAL HUMAN conception, as the Bible teaches. It goes against the very premise that supports the established systems of this age. There is no room for a human Messiah because this would cause us to look at HUMAN POTENTIAL, and that is the very last thing Satan wants us to see. He is the arch enemy of both YEHOVAH God and those created in the image of YEHOVAH, and pursues nothing short of the complete annihilation of the human race and a discrediting of YEHOVAH God amongst those in the spiritual realm.

The very world system that is based on the premise that humans aren't good enough is the same system that puts forward various religious schemes designed to keep people in the dark about why they were created and their ultimate potential to become glorified human beings who will inherit the universe and judge affairs even in the angelic realm. In order to protect itself and Satan who is the "god of this age" (2 Corinthians 4:4), this world order must either reject or ignore the Messiah entirely, or make him an eternally existing God-Person who only had a "human nature," but was not a personal, 100% human being. To agree with the biblical truth of who the Messiah really was and is, would mean the beginning of the end and ultimately the complete collapse of civilization as we know it. Neither Satan nor the powers of this age can willingly allow that to happen. It would be suicide. So the LIE that human beings don't have what it takes and just aren't good enough, continues and will continue until Yeshua appears in all the glory YEHOVAH God has given him to set up the new world order where HUMAN BEINGS are given the value and worth that YEHOVAH God gives them.

So, let's go back to the dawn of human history and take a look at how all this was laid down. Let's go back to the Garden of Eden incident which of course we find recorded in the first chapters of Genesis. I'm going to hit the highlights briefly because I think everyone is familiar with the story.

In the last verse of chapter 1 we find that YEHOVAH God completed creating Adam and Eve and pronounced them, along with everything else, "very good." As far as YEHOVAH was concerned, these two newly created human beings were definitely good enough and had what it takes to inherit the Kingdom He had prepared for them because He handed them the earth and confidently urged them to subdue it. And even Adam and Eve had no problem with their incomplete and imperfect youth, because as 2:25 states, "they were both naked and were not ashamed." They were not perfect like their Father, but that was not a problem for them. Nor was it a problem for Dad. His children were young, incomplete, and therefore in a growth mode of becoming more like Dad, but certainly not expected to be morally and ethically complete. No one is inherently good and without the need to learn right from wrong, but YEHOVAH God alone, as the Messiah said in Luke 18:19.

At this point, the confident situation and environment we find in the Garden of Eden is all about to change. YEHOVAH had told His kids that they could eat of any of the trees of the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Enter the deceiver, Satan. In 3:4-5 he cunningly suggests to Eve that disobedience would not lead to death. If she would eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she would be like YEHOVAH God who has complete knowledge of right and wrong, and would know how to avoid death through that knowledge. She could be better than human, and she should definitely pursue that course. The underlying message here is that YEHOVAH God will accept, value, and love you more if you become something other than what you are, a fledgling HUMAN BEING. Now, it is true that Adam and Eve were fledgling humans, but it is not true that there is something wrong with this. All children must grow, and will do so in a successfully healthy way if the relationship with Dad is based on a trust that they are lovable in his sight. To any child, it's the opinion of mom or dad about them that matters most and lays the groundwork for either a functional life or a dysfunctional one. And here we have Satan suggesting that their Father isn't as pleased with them as He would be if they were something other than the growing HUMANS they were.

And what was the result of all this? As we might expect: "The eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked" (3:7). By this it means that they were now ashamed of who they were as created, ashamed of their nakedness, ashamed of their incompleteness, ashamed of being humans who had little ability to properly use their newly acquired information about right and wrong. All they could see, as they now attempted to justify themselves by works of the law, was their own imperfection and inability therefore to live up to YEHOVAH's standards. They were never expected to be immediately perfect like YEHOVAH God, but someone told them they needed to be. When they agreed with that LIE they plummeted instantly into self-condemnation. And what did YEHOVAH God have to say about this? "Who told you that you were naked?" In other words, who told you that being naked was a shameful thing?

As a result of their shame, they hid from others and from YEHOVAH God (3:7-8). And you know that we have all been running and hiding ever since. Many people are ashamed of who they are. And insecure parents, demeaning society norms, and condemning religion have all done their part, too, to keep us from being people who realize their God-appointed destiny.

But thank YEHOVAH God, He has never given up insisting on His truth, that being human is absolutely the PINNACLE of His creative project. He has encouraged us to achieve our human potential through the central theme of the Bible, that is, the good news of the coming Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. As part of that message, He first tells us over and over again that there is only ONE God, and it is Him, not us. We don't have to bear that burden. He is okay with us being human -- He does not expect anything more or anything less. Second, He planned to create a second Adam who would be as FULLY HUMAN as the first Adam was, but this time would not fall for the subtleties of the enemy and would prevail as the first glorified, immortalized human being. This Messiah would be the firstborn of many brothers (and sisters) and usher in a new age of healing and peace for all human beings. People at last will be able to live the life they were meant to live, and be the people they were meant to be. The HUMAN POTENTIAL will be realized right here on the planet YEHOVAH created to provide all the challenges and opportunities for that to happen.

As we listen to the entire Kingdom message from both the Old and New Testaments, we hear the message within the message. We, the human children of our Father YEHOVAH God, are not the apple of His eye because of obedience to Mosaic law. Righteousness does not come by works of the law alone. We do not get our value or lovability this way. Rather, we are justified by our active belief in the promises which have come through the Gospel message preached by Yeshua the Messiah who is the unique AGENT of our loving Father. This Kingdom Gospel is the message Abraham believed in, and as the Bible says, that belief accounted him righteous. It is the righteousness of faith in the promise of YEHOVAH's kingdom message that pleases YEHOVAH God, and provides the groundwork for all right thinking and living for us humans. We are lovable and acceptable to YEHOVAH God as human beings, not because of anything we could ever come to know or do, but because He says we are. He is our Father, after all. In return we yield to the "obedience of faith" as taught by YEHOVAH's first-born Son Yeshua the Messiah.

The biblical version of the coming kingdom message is the only one that provides the way out of our unhealthy thinking and living. We must do what we can to take this message to the world. People will experience the healing salvation it provides right now. The TRUTH of YEHOVAH God can never be said to have been without witness in this age. The kingdom message including the vital component that YEHOVAH God is one Person and that Yeshua is the HUMAN Messiah is the groundwork information all must have in order to move forward in the development of our human potential. Without it, the opposing concepts of the righteousness of works and the righteousness of faith cannot be rightly understood, and we remain trapped in our sins, even by religious "systems."

The world's religious system overall cannot accept a completely human Messiah because this entire age is based on the false premise that being human is not good enough in the eyes of YEHOVAH God. And that is why orthodox Christianity must teach the doctrine of the Trinity. Otherwise it would mean a complete undoing of the current evil structure, and I'm afraid the system will not permit its own destruction. Other doctrines such as the immortality of the soul also serve to buttress the LIE that being human in itself is not good enough. Fundamental to the immortal soul doctrine is the idea that YEHOVAH's creation, the human, material body with its breath of life from YEHOVAH God, is in itself evil and to be discarded at death.

Let us continue to do YEHOVAH's work, to announce this gospel to the world until the end (Matthew 24:14). The message within the message is simple yet profound: being truly human is good enough for YEHOVAH God. A genuine human being has already gained the immortality which will be ours too when we inherit the Kingdom YEHOVAH God has prepared for us.

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