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Two Gods? -- A Fantastic Voyage in Logic!

Some of those trying to support the DECEPTION of a "preexistent" savior argue that Yeshua the Messiah and YEHOVAH God are the SAME being, or they argue that Yeshua was YEHOVAH of the Old Testament. This argument, committed to the laws of logic, simply does not hold up! Logic -- and the Bible -- plainly reveal that Yeshua and YEHOVAH are TWO DIFFERENT BEINGS!

by Gary Sjordal

The Two-God scenario states that there were two separate God beings in Old Testament times, one of whom we know today as God the "Father", and the other as Yeshua the Messiah.

The one known as Yeshua the Messiah was the God of the Old Testament (the Creator, and the God of Israel). God the "Father" may have been around in Old Testament times, but He was elsewhere in the universe and seldom mentioned.

This Two-God position does not need a "name" in order for it to be examined, although some would call this position: Polytheism, Bitheism, -- or maybe the best name would be "Twinity"!

Two-God adherents use the "God-Family" concept: Belief that there is One God-Family which had two individual members in both Old and New Testament times, and that more members will be added in the future.

This article will examine this God-Family belief which in essence says that the One God of the Bible is really composed of Two Gods, two individual beings -- and that one of these two Gods, Yeshua the Messiah, was the God of the Old Testament.

A Two-God scenario will be presented which is a composite of what different ministers preached or have written.

Once Upon a Time

As the story goes, many thousands of years ago there were two Gods who were equal in authority and every other way. And these two Gods were not just any Gods -- they were all-powerful Creator Gods, who had always been in existence, since they were composed of an eternal substance called holy spirit.

These two Gods decided to reproduce themselves by creating human beings. These potential future children would go through a period of overcoming trials and tests in the form of evil and sin, until the time when they would be born into the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God as children of YEHOVAH God -- spirit beings.

These two Gods decided that (1) sin would be the "breaking of a set of laws," (2) the penalty for sin would be death, and (3) a human being who had led a sinless life was needed to die for the sins of all the others. They then decided that (4) one of them must become this human, be born as a son of the other, and then after living a sinless life, be the one to die as the sacrifice for the sins of the other human beings. This was all decided before the creation of the heavens and the earth.

Cosmic Coin Flip

These two Gods had to face a big question: which one of them would be the one to become human? As one minister speculated, there was a cosmic coin flip, and the winner of the flip got to be God the "Father" (God #1), while the loser was to become Yeshua the Messiah, the Son (God #2) who would eventually die as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. And it was possible that this God who had to die would not live a sinless life, thereby dying merely for his own sins.

The loser of this coin flip (God #2) really had a lot to lose -- at the worst he would cease to exist, and at best he would have a lesser position for the rest of eternity. God #1 also had a lot to lose -- He could end up being the only God.

Part of the agreement was that Yeshua the Messiah (God #2) got to be the God of the Old Testament, including creating the heavens and the earth, making man and woman in his image and becoming the God of Israel throughout the entire Old Testament times. He was the one known as the LORD God (YEHOVAH).

Meanwhile God #1, the now designated "Father," was seldom even referred to in the Old Testament. Maybe He was just preparing Himself to become the God of the New Testament. Or He may have been perfecting the method by which God #2 would be placed in the womb of a human woman. Quite a challenge!

Yeshua the Messiah (God #2), as God of the Old Testament, continually prophesied of a coming Messiah who would be born of a woman. He didn't let on that it was he himself (God #2) who would be the promised Messiah (or at least half of the Messiah, the other half coming from the human Mary).

When the God of the Old Testament (called "OUR FATHER" in Isaiah 63:16; 64: 8), God #2, became "the Son" in the New Testament, could he then be consider-ed to be his own Father? Remember the old song "I'm My Own Grandpa"?!

Suicide? Sperm?

About 4000 years after the Creation it became time for God #2 (Yeshua the Messiah, the God of the Old Testament) to come face to face with what he had agreed to do. It was time for God #2 to commit suicide as one foolish so-called minister once said.

Somehow God #2 had to have his essence compressed into a tiny human sperm cell, no doubt through the power exerted by God #1. The Bible doesn't say that God #2 became a sperm, but how else could a woman be impregnated and conceive a child without her egg being united with a sperm cell? How else could Yeshua be a human descendent of David (Matthew 1:1)?

This transformation from an all-powerful, ever-living Creator God into a sperm may have been the most miraculous miracle in the entire Bible. Why isn't there an annual holy day dedicated to this event -- maybe "Sperm Sunday"?!

Demise of God #2

It should be noted that this amazing transformation forever changed the personality and individuality of God #2. He was condensed into HALF the parts that were to combine with Mary's OTHER HALF to produce a totally different being. God #2 was gone, while the baby born to Mary had her Israelite characteristics combined with that of the One who impregnated her. Was this accomplished by God the Father (God #1) or did Yeshua the Messiah (God #2) do it all himself? Was there a third party, the Holy Ghost?

Now you can see why this Two-Gods explanation began with "Once Upon a Time."

Fantastic Voyage

The movie, Fantastic Voyage, portrayed the miniaturization of a few doctors and scientists and their miniature submarine being inserted into and traveling through blood vessels of a diseased human being in search of a way to cure the disease.

An even more fantastic voyage found God #2 all of a sudden becoming a human sperm cell that was injected into the egg of a human woman. How did God #2 feel as this happened?

Did God #2 feel himself combining with Mary's egg in a way that his personality and individuality became lost or diluted, and an entirely new and unique personality and individuality came into being? Think of any human fetus as being the morphing of the Mother and Father into another being that has characteristics of both. If you believe that God #2 remained as the entity he was before becoming human, then you are not allowing for the input of the human half.

The Child Grows Up

As Yeshua the Messiah grew up, did he gradually come to recollect that he once was the God of the Old Testament? Are there any scriptures where the Messiah mentions "when I was God and gave the Ten Commandments to Moses," or any scripture that shows the Messiah remembering his preexistent life?

Later the Son of God died for the sins of all mankind after having led a sinless life. It was at that point when he became our Savior, the one who died for us -- in our place.

Dying is relatively easy as compared to living years and years of physical life. How did Yeshua the Messiah manage to live a sinless life? Actually, it must have been relatively easy since he was half-God. Many will say that he was 100% human, but yet wasn't he half God #2? No wonder he was able to do it, and no wonder it is so difficult for us 100%-humans to lead a sinless life even with the help of the holy spirit.

Today we find that there are again two Gods. There is the original, unchanged God #1, Who took on the title "Father." And there is the Son of God #1, who may now be called God #2A (who is NOT the original, unchanged God #2) who has taken on many titles including Son, King of kings, Lord of lords, High Priest, etc.

And Yeshua has another distinction: he was the FIRSTBORN of MANY brethren (Romans 8:29). Does this mean that God #2 went from that lofty position he had as Creator and God of the Old Testament to a position of being merely the FIRST born of MANY others who would be born like him? Is God #2A just one of many heirs of God #1?

Indirect Proof

There is a logic technique that can be applied in this case: PROOF BY CONTRADICTION. For example, let us attempt to prove that Yeshua the Messiah was NOT the God of the Old Testament. We would begin by ASSUMING that Yeshua the Messiah was the God of the Old Testament (begin by assuming the opposite).

This is the assumption that was used for this Two-God's article -- that Yeshua the Messiah was God of the Old Testament. Acting on this assumption we reason logically to obtain various conclusions that must follow from the fact that Yeshua the Messiah was the God of the Old Testament.

Do any of these conclusions contradict a known fact, or known scripture? If so, then our original assumption (Yeshua the Messiah was the God of Old Testament) was wrong and the only other possibility is what we were trying to prove (Yeshua the Messiah was NOT the God of Old Testament).

Just like belief in the Theory of Evolution, the Two-God position (Yeshua the Messiah was the God of Old Testament) leads to so many contradictions, impossibilities, and a total lack of scriptural support, that the Two-God position can-not possibly be true. We are led to the inescapable conclusion that Yeshua the Messiah was not the God of the Old Testament. This is true "beyond a shadow of a doubt," to quote one minister who believes in the "Twinity."

Major Flaw

The major flaw in the Two-God Theory is this: GOD CANNOT DIE. There is not a single Biblical indication that the Creator God of the Bible can die. And if this God turned Himself into a human being who died, then that would mean that God died.

The God of the Old Testament has a name: YEHOVAH (the correct pronunciation of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton YHVH), which occurs about 7000 times in the Old Testament).

This name "YEHOVAH" means "He who was, is, and will be." This describes a Being who has always lived, and always will live, and who simply cannot die. "The Creator God YEHOVAH can die" is an oxymoron (a conjunction of incongruous or contradictory terms).

Like Evolution?

What modern-day scientists have done regarding the Theory of Evolution has been to discard whatever evidence they discovered that didn't match the Theory -- instead of discarding the Theory because the evidence didn't support it!

This is exactly the case for The Two-God theory that has no direct scriptural evidence. It is merely an assumption based on misinterpretation of certain New Testament scriptures, and doesn't stand up to close scrutiny.

Those who have accepted the Two-God position use a few New Testament scriptures to prove their view (including John 1:1-3, John 17:5, I Corinthians 10: 4). But a more than superficial examination reveals that these scriptures do not prove the preexistence of the one known as Yeshua Messiah.


-- Edited By John D. Keyser.


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