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Test 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

changed from what they really are) as the inhabitants!
ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be But in the areas of the world where the
according to their works (even though these name of the Messiah has been mentioned, where
ministers preach that there are no works, they are the Bible is circulated, and where from time to
going to be judged by the Creator according to time people even READ that Bible, Satan is very
their evil works)" (II Corinthians 11:13-15). hard pressed and has to be very subtle and clever
Notice how well Satan has done his job: in using THE NAME OF the Messiah -- even to
“The great dragon was thrown out, that ancient use the Bible in order to DECEIVE people!
serpent, also known as the Devil and Satan [the Since Satan feels that HE has been
Adversary], the DECEIVER OF THE WHOLE unjustly judged by YEHOVAH God, he wants
WORLD" (Revelation 12:9, JNT.) This great the people of this world to feel that they are
deceiver has sent out his messengers with soft unjustly judged by YEHOVAH also. So he has
and oily words to soothe this world’s inhabitants his ministers tell them that they do not need to
into thinking that they can do as they wish and obey YEHOVAH God -- that the “harsh cruel
still escape YEHOVAH God’s punishment for God of the Old Testament" has now been
sin -- death. Yeshua the Messiah warned about superseded by the new, loving and kind God of
this when he said, “Go in through the narrow the New Testament. Yet YEHOVAH’s Word
gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide says, “They (Satan’s ministers) PROMISE
and the road broad, and many travel it....Beware THEM (their converts) FREEDOM, but they
of the false prophets! They come to you wearing themselves are SLAVES OF CORRUPTION;
sheep’s clothing, but underneath they are for whatever overcomes a man, to that he is
HUNGRY WOLVES!" (Matthew 7:13-15, enslaved" (II Peter 2:19. RSV). Satan deceives
JNT). people into thinking that they can continue to do
In order to deceive the WHOLE as they please and get away with it.
WORLD, Satan has used every means available Did you know that Satan believes in
to him. There are many areas on this earth where YEHOVAH God? “Thou believes” that there is
deceived and ignorant human beings OPENLY one God; thou doest well: THE DEVILS ALSO
WORSHIP THE DEVIL: Other hundreds of BELIEVE, AND TREMBLE" (James 2:19).
millions ignorantly worship pieces of rock and Isn’t that amazing? Satan himself is not even as
wood -- big-bellied Buddhas in the Oriental East deceived as some of those whom he has blinded
and dead men’s bones in deepest Africa. Satan into thinking that there is no God!
has founded false religions on demonic leaders We can plainly see from this scripture
such as Mohammed, and today Islam perverts that believing in YEHOVAH God is not enough.
the minds of billions of people! SATAN HIMSELF BELIEVES IN YEHO-
Satan has deceived by the millions other VAH. Using the name of the Messiah is not
individuals who are perhaps a LITTLE more enough either, because Yeshua the Messiah
educated, leading them to believe that there is no himself prophesied that many would USE his
God at all and that one of his own (Satan’s) name, but that they would be false prophets --
political systems -- Communism -- is the answer servants of the Devil!
to mankind’s problems. Satan can easily keep Satan has many doctrines (I Timothy
these great numbers of people in subjection 4:1-4), but his CHIEF DOCTRINE IS that of
because of long-standing ignorance, and the fact REBELLION -- DISOBEDIENCE TO THE
that Yeshua the Messiah and his true Gospel LAWS OF YEHOVAH GOD -- because he IS A
have never been preached to them. The REBEL! His is a system of confusion. He has
Messiah’s NAME has not even so much as been caused this so-called Christian world to be so
mentioned to many millions of this world’s CONFUSED that there are over 400 different
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