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Test 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

A Few Words Before You Start... went on to explain to his disciples that if the
world persecuted him (which it certainly had), it
HAVE YOU ever heard of a church would persecute them also (John 15:19-21). He
called, “THE DEVIL’S CONGREGATION"? explained to his disciples that they and all those
Have you ever seen a sign labeling a building, after them would be REJECTED BY the
“SATAN’S SYNAGOGUE”? Have you ever churches of this world: “in fact, the time will
heard a radio program called, “THE DEVIL’S come when anyone who kills you will think he is
ENDEAVOR”? serving God!" (John 16:2, JNT).
OF COURSE NOT! Yeshua explained to his followers that
The god of this present evil world who they would be a LITTLE flock, disparaged and
holds sway over deceived mankind is not so despised by the majority of the peoples of the
ignorant as to label his churches with their true world, downtrodden and persecuted right up
names! until the time of YEHOVAH God the Father’s
But does Satan have a religion? Does he RETURN as KING of kings and LORD of lords.
have churches? And if he does not call them by BUT HE also ENCOURAGED THEM by
his name, how can you tell where they are? What letting THEM know that they were not to FEAR
would the doctrines of these churches be -- what this persecution because it was YEHOVAH’s
does Satan believe -- or at least what does he try will to GIVE these persecuted few HIS
to palm off on others for them to believe? Kingdom. “Have no fear, LITTLE FLOCK, for
Does the Bible have anything to say your Father has resolved to give you the
about Satan’s religion? Kingdom!" (Luke 12:32, JNT).
The only, real source of truth to which When Yeshua’s disciples asked him
we can go to find the answers to these questions concerning future events and what would
is YEHOVAH’s own Word -- the Bible. Many happen between their time and the coming of the
people today consider the concept of a Devil as end of the world, Yeshua’s first and continued
ignorant and mythological. They consider Satan warning was about individuals who would come
to be a mere CONCEPT held by primitive claiming to be his representatives, using his
people to explain away the presence of evil in the NAME, but deceiving the world because they
world. were actually the servants of Satan the Devil!
But then THESE SAME PEOPLE also “Yeshua replied: ‘WATCH OUT! DON’T LET
believe YEHOVAH God is a mere concept -- a ANYONE FOOL YOU! For MANY WILL
myth to explain away the presence of creation COME IN MY NAME (using the name of the
and good! Messiah, calling themselves Christian),
Surprisingly enough there is a great deal SAYING, “I am the Messiah!” and THEY
of information concerning Satan the Devil, his WILL LEAD MANY ASTRAY" (Matthew
religion, his way of thinking, his way of doing -- 24:4-5, JNT). He repeated his warning
and also the sure prophecy of YEHOVAH God concerning false prophets saying, “MANY false
of what will become of his efforts. And there is prophets will appear and FOOL MANY
more information concerning this very real evil PEOPLE" (Matthew 24:11, JNT).
spirit being in the last book of the Bible than Yeshua the Messiah continued HIS
there is in the first. warning. HE showed that BECAUSE OF THIS
Just before Yeshua the Messiah was DECEPTION the whole world OF HIS DAY
crucified, referring to Satan the Devil, he said, “I would be thrown into such chaotic confusion
won’t be talking with you much longer, because and war that “except those days should be
the RULER OF THIS WORLD is coming. He shortened, there should no flesh be saved"
has no claim on me" (John14:30, JNT). Yeshua (Matthew 24:22).
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