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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 5

D. YEHOVAH’s government outlined in the 9. Why did the Judean rulers decide to kill the
Bible. Messiah?

4. What was the source of Saul’s (Paul’s) A. Because the Roman authorities ordered
authority to arrest Christians? them to.
B. Because he had blasphemed against
A. The Roman government. YEHOVAH God.
B. Herod’s government. C. To protect their privileged positions of
C. The Judean government. lordship over the people.
D. The Essenes. D. Because Herod ordered them to.

5. Who is the originator of man-made 10. When authority is delegated –
centralized power?
A. the grantor does not give up his authority.
A. Satan the Devil. B. the one the authority is extended to now
B. YEHOVAH God. becomes the sole authority.
C. Nimrod. C. the grantor gives up his authority.
D. Alexander the Great. D. the blame for wrong actions falls on the
grantee alone.
6. What were the TWO separate types of
authority Yeshua the Messiah possessed? 11. What causes true freedom?

A. Permission and force. A. Modern-style democracies.
B. Permission and jurisdiction; ability and B. Lenin’s style of Communism.
force. C. Islam, where there is no separation between
C. Jurisdiction and ability. church and state.
D. Ability and force. D. YEHOVAH God’s government.

7. Who (or what) is the true source of “all 12. In Acts 5:38-39, Gamaliel advises the
authority”? council to do what?

A. Satan the Devil. A. To exercise their authority and kill the
B. Yeshua the Messiah. apostles.
C. Allah. B. To frame the apostles as conspirators against
D. YEHOVAH God. the Romans.
C. To leave the apostles alone and not risk
8. The Babylonian-style central government further exposure..
has been used throughout history to do what? D. To turn the apostles over to Herod.

A. Control and subjugate people. Lesson 18
B. Upgrade people’s standard of living. Day of Atonement -- AT-ONE-MENT with
C. Set a standard for efficient and caring YEHOVAH God!
D. To emphasize YEHOVAH’s style of 13. Which ONE of these four statements is
government. FALSE?
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