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Lesson 41 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

YEHOVAH God’s Health Laws

LESSON 41 about? WHO authored them, and WHY were
they given? Did the Messiah really abolish them,
The health laws found in the Bible pose or are they still applicable today? Medical
an interesting dilemma for anyone who believes science and history and SOUND Bible scholar-
in following biblical teachings. The Bible clear- ship agree -- the answer is absolutely contrary to
ly states that certain foods are NOT to be eaten, what most who profess belief in the Messiah
and that certain behaviors are SINFUL and an WRONGLY assume!
ABOMINATION in YEHOVAH God’s sight. The biblical health laws are usually re-
YEHOVAH God gave to the ancient ferred to as the Laws of Moses. Many scholars
Israelites BASIC LAWS OF HEALTH which -- assume that Moses collected primitive taboos to
if obeyed -- would quickly prevent or stamp out form a code of laws. Some claim that the reasons
the terrible incidence of disease afflicting our for CLEAN and UNCLEAN foods are purely
modern world. arbitrary, irrational or unexplainable. Some an-
Biblical health laws reveal in plain lan- thropological speculations suggest that unclean
guage the way to avoid much illness and disease. animals are IMPERFECT members of their
They reveal how to prevent contagious diseases species. Educated scholars also CLAIM that the
and widespread epidemics. They show HOW to biblical laws have nothing to do with health, but
avoid a host of modern maladies. were merely rituals to separate the Israelites
Strictly speaking, of course, the Bible is from their pagan neighbors, and that only Jews
not a “health textbook” or medical manual. But it need to observe these laws today. However, all
does lay the foundation of knowledge, and re- these attempts to explain away the biblical
veals many health laws that stumbling, groping health laws are INADEQUATE, as we will see
mankind has required thousands of years to dis- in this lesson.
cover -- yet all this time these laws have been 1. What did YEHOVAH God tell Moses
written in the pages of that Book which is so and Aaron in Leviticus 11:1-2?
often ignored or lost in a seldom- perused corner COMMENT: This same introductory
of the family bookshelf. statement precedes the enumeration of other
The Bible is YEHOVAH’s Instruction Book for health laws in the Book of Leviticus. According
mankind. It tells HOW the human body and to the Bible, the author of the biblical health laws
mind best function. It reveals the BASIC KEYS was NOT Moses -- BUT YEHOVAH GOD
to the abundant, radiant, robust and vigorous HIMSELF!
healthy life. 2. What did YEHOVAH explain to the
Why has mankind generally ignored this Israelites would happen to them if they OBEY-
source of health information? Why did so many ED His commandments? Exodus 15:26 and
physicians overlook and ignore it for countless Deuteronomy 4:1-8.
centuries, consequently having to learn the COMMENT: YEHOVAH God gave
HARD WAY about preventing sickness and di- these laws to His chosen people so they could be
People have been claiming for centuries YEHOVAH wanted their better health to be
that the Messiah DID AWAY with these re- NOTICED by surrounding nations who could
gulations, and that they are burdensome, out- then inquire how they, too, could gain the same
dated, bizarre and even barbaric! results.
But just HOW did these laws come While some ministers have naively

YEHOVAH God’s Health Laws
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