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Lesson 41 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

7. What does the apostle Paul
write in the New Testament? I Corin-
thians 6:19-20.
COMMENT: We are told in the
New Testament that OUR BODIES
GOD! Does it “glorify God” to put
“unclean” things inside His Temple?
Does it glorify Him if we eat “unclean”
animal flesh, consume it, and devour
it? Or does that not make YOU spirit-
ually “defiled,” and “UNCLEAN” and
IMPURE in YEHOVAH God’s sight?
Think about it!
8. After the great Flood of
Noah’s time, in the middle of the third
Clean and unclean animals entering Noah’s ark.
millennium before the Messiah, YE-
HOVAH God commanded Noah and
Genesis 8:20-21.
his family to repopulate the land. What else did
COMMENT: In ancient times, the flesh
He tell them? Genesis 9:3.
of burnt offerings was eaten by the priests and
COMMENT: Many of little under-
their families. Animals that were sacrificed on
standing have misconstrued the meaning of this
the altar were generally shared by the officiating
verse and claim it means that YEHOVAH God
priests, and the families that brought the sacri-
gave ALL flesh of EVERY animal for men to
fices. The flesh was eaten as a thing of delicacy
eat. This, in their minds, would include the flesh
and enjoyment.
of beetles, spiders, ants, caterpillars, worms,
5. Notice which animals YEHOVAH
jellyfish, as well as pork, shrimp, oysters, and
God commanded to be used as offerings --
every animal that exists on the face of the earth!
Leviticus 22:19.
Is that what this verse REALLY says?
COMMENT: These were all CLEAN
Let’s take a good look at EXACTLY
animals -- UNCLEAN animals were FOR-
what YEHOVAH God says -- and does NOT
BIDDEN to be offered or sacrificed. The flesh of
say! First of all, notice carefully -- YEHOVAH
unclean beasts was considered an “ABOMI-
put a very distinct “proviso” or “qualification”
NATION” to YEHOVAH God. Anyone who
on this permission. He said He gave man per-
would offer “unclean” animals on the altar was
mission to eat ALL animal flesh AS man was
guilty of sacrilege and DESECRATION OF
permitted to eat the “green herbs.” Now then, let
YEHOVAH GOD’S TEMPLE! Such sins were
us stop and think for a minute. Does man today
punishable by DEATH!
“eat” of EVERY GREEN HERB -- that is,
6. In Daniel 11:31 we find a prophecy
EVERY PLANT -- on the face of the earth? NO
regarding the defilement or profaning of the
-- not at all!
Temple in Jerusalem.
Poison ivy is a “green” herb, or plant --
COMMENT: History records that this
but it is NOT edible. Poison sumac, also, and
was fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes when he
poison oak, are deadly. Hemlock is a tree that
sacrificed the flesh of SWINE on the altar of
grows in the earth; but its leaves are DEADLY
YEHOVAH’s Temple -- swine being UN-
CLEAN in YEHOVAH’s sight.
The lesson is that some green plants are
YEHOVAH God’s Health Laws
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