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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 41

suggested that these “regulations” were given to not -- yet most people (even so-called ministers)
the Israelites to PUNISH them for their diso- have little or no understanding of the MEDI-
bedience, these laws were actually given by a CALLY SOUND reasons behind these instruc-
God of love to show human beings a BETTER tions! The scientific wisdom behind the biblical
WAY TO LIVE. The health laws were to be dietary laws is seldom taught; instead, these laws
taught by the PRIESTS, because of their FUN- are commonly viewed as Old Testament regula-
DAMENTAL IMPORTANCE! tions that are no longer applicable.
It is quite informative to read what Bible But is YEHOVAH God really so fickle
reference books have to say about the health and changeable? Would YEHOVAH God Al-
laws. Notice Halley’s Bible Handbook: mighty institute a “law” and then suddenly
“Moses’ Law...[including] its Health and Food CHANGE it?
regulations was far purer, more rational, humane 1. What does YEHOVAH God say in
and democratic than, and showed a wisdom far Malachi 3:6?
in advance of, anything in ancient legislation, 2. What does Paul say in Hebrews 13:
Babylonian, Egyptian or any other” (24th edi- 8-9?
tion, p. 138). Eerdman’s Handbook of the Bible COMMENT: Would YEHOVAH God
states: “Today we are able to understand and give a law -- and then have the Messiah change
appreciate the SOUND PRINCIPLES of diet, it? Is He like the absent-minded professor? Of
hygiene and medicine which these laws express” course not!
(p. 176). The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Did YEHOVAH change His mind about
commenting on Leviticus 11, states that “the “unclean meats”? Why did He forbid their con-
Levitical laws of cleanness have no known sumption in the first place? What does medical
extensive parallels in surrounding cultures,” so science have to say about the subject? What does
the idea of Moses borrowing primitive taboos the New Testament say about this very impor-
DOES NOT HOLD UP, because “surrounding tant subject?
cultures exhibit little of this sort of law.” An old saying goes, “You are what you
While some scholars assert that the eat.” Doctors know that basically this is a very
biblical laws were not given for reasons of true, and profound, statement of fact. Another
health, this same commentary states that “the way of putting it in this computer savvy age is,
spiritual and hygienic reasons for the laws may “Garbage in, garbage out.” When people put gar-
still be affirmed. They are remarkably valu- bage into their bodies, they themselves become
able in the area of public health...These laws “so much garbage.” What you eat can and DOES
protected Israel from bad diet, dangerous affect your physical health -- as well as having a
vermin and communicable diseases...These subtle and powerful effect on your SPIRITUAL
were rule-of-thumb laws that God gave in His health!
wisdom to a people who could not know the 3. Most people assume that YEHO-
reason for the provision” (ibid.). Therefore, the VAH’s dietary laws concerning clean and
idea that these biblical laws are outdated and unclean animal flesh began with Moses. This,
old-fashioned and have nothing to do with health however, is most certainly NOT the case! Notice
is simply NONSENSE! Genesis 7:2-9.
COMMENT: Clearly, the distinction
Dietary Laws between clean and unclean animals goes all the
way back to the time of Noah, at the very least!
The most familiar biblical health laws 4. Notice, now, what happened after the
define CLEAN and UNCLEAN meats -- crea- Flood waters receded and Noah and the animals
tures that are acceptable to eat and those that are left the ark to renew their lives upon the earth.

YEHOVAH God’s Health Laws
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