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Lesson 33 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

ing soul-hunger that leaves him miserable, revealed knowledge in their curricula. Its educa-
empty, discontented. He seeks to quench his tional approach to knowledge is not from the
thirst and satisfy his soul-hunger in the interests basis of YEHOVAH’s revelation of origins,
and pursuits and pleasures of this world. purposes, causes and right ways, but from oppo-
This very lack within him -- this spiritual site, contrary and false concepts. Its historians in
NEED -- gives him an innate INFERIORITY their hostility to the common enemy -- YEHO-
COMPLEX. He senses his INFERIORITY, as VAH GOD -- have deliberately rejected Biblical
compared to YEHOVAH God -- his lack of what historic FACT, such as the Flood, the Exodus,
he was made to NEED; but, not understanding the Creation.
what it is, he seeks to quell the painful sense of Its science, its medicine, its economics,
inferiority by conceit, and blowing up the ego -- its political structures, its social systems, its re-
the SELF -- with vanity and SELF-exaltation. ligions -- ALL are hostile toward, and contrary
This VANITY, then, is a substitute for YEHO- to THE TRUTH and THE WAY of YEHOVAH
VAH GOD and His spirit -- another god before GOD!
the true God. But now look at the individual! Look at
Since, then, his group, his club, his team, YOU! The SELF is part of this evil world of
his party, his country, HIS WORLD, is all a Satan. This world is PART of the empirical
PART of his EMPIRICAL SELF, he exalts it, he SELF. The very NATURE in man is SELF-
loves it, he is loyal to it -- and hostile to all LOVE.
opposing powers or forces. And this, too, be- So by nature man loves HIS WORLD.
comes a kind of idolatry. His nature is saturated with love for the things
This world travels A WAY that is the that are AT WAR AGAINST YEHOVAH
very antithesis of THE WAY of YEHOVAH GOD. His love for, and sense of loyalty toward
God. Therefore, since THIS EVIL WORLD is A his group, whether small or large, means
PART of the EMPIRICAL SELF, the carnal automatically A HOSTILE ATTITUDE toward
mind of man IS HOSTILE TO YEHOVAH whatever or whoever is opposed. So HUMAN
GOD! Do you now see WHY? NATURE automatically expresses resentment,
Human nature is SELF-LOVE. Yet this jealousy, malice, spite, hatred, toward opposing
love is not true love, but LUST. The SELF, as a parties, whether within or without his world.
LOCAL SELF or taken at its widest expansion, You see, Satan’s world IS divided
is HOSTILE to YEHOVAH God. It has a con- against itself. A man hates soldiers of an oppos-
trary NATURE. It travels a different road. It is ing army in war -- yet those soldiers are a PART
part of a different team, party, or group, or of the WHOLE world, which he loves. But this
world, WARRING against YEHOVAH God love, again, is actually LUST, for it is a love of
and YEHOVAH’s WAY. It is WAR -- and the the empirical SELF!
SELF is lined up on the side of THIS EVIL Before one can be converted, he must
WORLD, against YEHOVAH GOD! And this is REPENT of WHAT HE IS, as well as what he
idolatry. DO YOU begin to see why you need to has done. And now I wonder if you see WHAT
REPENT of what you ARE? MAN IS! I wonder if YOU, now reading this,
In this SUPREME WAR of all wars, YE- begin to see what YOU really ARE!
HOVAH God Almighty will accept no terms of Man is VANITY. Man is LUST. Man is
PEACE but UNCONDITIONAL SURREN- hostile to YEHOVAH God, loyal to what is
DER! opposed to and WARRING against YEHOVAH
The world is the ENEMY of YEHOVAH and YEHOVAH’s WAY! Man cannot find
GOD. It is hostile to YEHOVAH GOD. Its PEACE with his Maker on any terms but UN-
educators have not retained YEHOVAH or His CONDITIONAL SURRENDER. That means

The Power of Prayer!
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