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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 33

and beyond that, his feeling of
patriotism for his NATION. And, fi-
nally, being consciously a member of
the HUMAN RACE, his empirical
SELF subconsciously expands to IN-
WORLD -- with its civilization, its
ways, its beliefs.
And this very competitive
“party spirit,” being a PART of this
world, and this world a part of SELF,
it is only natural that there is a sense
of hostility to the GOD who reveals
that THIS WORLD, as well as the
And so we arrive at the reali- Crowd viewing half-time show at a football game in the Rose
zation that each man’s world, as far as Bowl, Pasadena, California. A great deal of human nature is
it extends in his consciousness, be- expressed at such events.
comes A PART OF HIM -- of SELF.
The world’s pleasures, sports, entertainments, GROUND. Man is composed of MATTER. But
become a part of SELF. YEHOVAH is a spirit, and YEHOVAH IS
And what is the inherent NATURE of CREATING, NOW, man in His own image
this SELF? Basically it is VANITY. Vanity is SPIRITUALLY. What YEHOVAH created
SELF-LOVE and SELF-EXALTATION. The some 6,000 years ago was the clay model, from
very NATURE of vanity instills a love of the which the Master Potter may re-form and
world, because the world is HIS world -- a part of re-shape, spiritually, the man into His spiritual
the empirical SELF. CHARACTER image. As we have, already,
This very human nature -- vanity, self- borne the image of the EARTHY, physical --
love, self-exaltation -- implants within the self material -- we SHALL, if converted, bear the
the basic spirit of rivalry -- the “party spirit.” image of the spiritual and heavenly (I Corin-
That is why students of one college are loyal to thians 15:45-49). Therefore, what YEHOVAH
THEIR team in sports, but AGAINST their God created in the first Adam was NOT YET
team’s opponents. It is natural -- according to COMPLETE. Man was made carnal, material --
NATURE -- that people are loyal to their politi- but he was made to NEED the SPIRIT OF
cal party, opposed to the opposing party -- YEHOVAH GOD. Without this SPIRITUAL
patriotic toward THEIR country, willing to fight LIFE from YEHOVAH, man experiences a
against and kill people of another country in war. sense of emptiness -- a hunger and thirst for that
Their sports team, their political party, their which will SATISFY.
country, all these are part of their own empirical The only thing that will impart to him
SELF. this sense of satisfaction, completeness, abun-
People want to BELONG. People want dance, is YEHOVAH GOD’S spirit -- YEHO-
to be part of a group, a club, a team, a party. And VAH’s nature -- YEHOVAH’s FULLNESS.
why is this? Yet his carnal mind does not recognize that fact.
The answer carries us a little further. Being incomplete, lacking in the spiritual waters
When YEHOVAH God created MAN, and heavenly food -- YEHOVAH’s Word -- that
He formed man of the DUST OF THE would FILL him to satisfaction, he has a gnaw-

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