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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 33

forsaking this world and its ways and hostilities. YOU? Well let me tell you on YEHOVAH’s
The first thing that enters the mind of authority that you are not good, but EVIL. To
natural man when his mind is first opened to use expressive language -- and I hope I can drive
some of YEHOVAH’s Truth, or when the first it through and through into your consciousness
suggestion of following it enters, is: “What -- you are, spiritually, so rotten you stink -- you
would my friends -- family -- relatives -- group -- are so foul you deserve nothing but eternal death
say?" They will oppose. If you go over on YE- -- you are so evil, by comparison to YEHOVAH
HOVAH’S side in this war for all eternity, GOD, you are NOT FIT to be called HIS SON!
THEY will say you are crazy, condemn you, ac- Yet, if you really REPENT of WHAT YOU
cuse you, oppose you, persecute you. ARE as well as the way you have lived, and
You have to decide the question, in this REALLY turn around and go the other way, with
war, of WHOSE SIDE YOU are on! YEHOVAH’s power, YEHOVAH has provided
For IT IS WAR! a way of grace by which you may be redeemed,
War to the DEATH -- and I mean ETER- washed in the Messiah’s blood, and actually be
NAL DEATH, or else to ETERNAL LIFE. And MADE righteous by THE HOLY SPIRIT of
you must choose which. You cannot have both. YEHOVAH GOD!
HOW much GOOD is there in
YOU -- in your SELF?
Let YEHOVAH GOD and the
Messiah answer you. Don’t take my
The Messiah said, “... there is
NONE good but One, that is, GOD"
(Matthew 19:17). Will you face
the Messiah in the Judgment and
dispute him, saying, “You were
wrong, Lord -- I am GOOD!”? Or
will you accept, you who think you
are pretty good, the Messiah’s
WORD that NONE is good, except
YEHOVAH’s Word says to
YOU: “The heart is deceitful above
Japanese delegation signs World War II unconditional sur- all things, and desperately wicked:
render documents aboard the USS Missouri, September 2, who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:
1945. Mankind is at war with YEHOVAH God and must sur- 9.) That means YOUR heart. It is
render unconditionally to Him! spiritually SICK (see marginal ren-
dering), and needs healing by the
You must forsake utterly, and give up complete- power of YEHOVAH GOD.
ly, the WORLD, and the SELF, or go on to the When people came to John the Baptist to
DEATH for eternity with it! be baptized, he told them how far from GOOD
This world is AT WAR with YEHO- they were: He said “ ... You brood of vipers, ...
VAH God. And this world is going to LOSE -- produce fruit that answers to your repentance ...
and very soon! You are living in its very last any tree that is not producing good fruit will be
days! cut down, and thrown into the fire" (Matthew
You think you are pretty good? Do 3:7-10, Moffatt translation).

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