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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 26

Now this world is NOT FULL of BASED ON HUMAN NATURE. It is a
happiness, peace, joy, and universal prosperity. theoretical WAY that would destroy what little
It is pretty well filled with strife -- in the home, in good there might be in this world’s society. It is
business, in politics, in war between nations. It is the most false of false hopes.
pretty well filled with unhappiness, frustration, But YOU can HAVE A PART in
insecurity. It is pretty well filled with crime and actually bringing PEACE, happiness, joy and
violence, with broken homes and unhappy abundance to humanity. YEHOVAH God
quarreling homes, with sickness and disease, Almighty is GOING TO DO IT -- whether or not
with frustrations, failures, tragedies. you have a part in it! But He is not going to do it
Now YEHOVAH GOD is NOT the alone. He is going to take certain human beings,
author of all these troubles in the world. born in the very LIKENESS of YEHOVAH
YEHOVAH has, FOR A GREAT PUR- God, who REPENT of their carnal human nature
POSE, made humans free moral agents, and who cry out to YEHOVAH to CHANGE that
allotted six thousand years for mankind to nature, and GIVE them the matchless supreme
MAKE A CHOICE -- whether to accept GIFT of His divine LOVE that will travel THE
YEHOVAH’s government over him, to be ruled WAY toward peace, happiness and joy.
by YEHOVAH’s Law of LOVE -- or whether to These are they who, through real
set up his own ideas of man-made government, repentance of what they ARE as well as what
following what comes NATURALLY -- HU- they have done, through faith in the sacrifice of
MAN NATURE. Yeshua the Messiah as well as in his resurrected
That six thousand years is about up. LIFE and POWER, are forgiven their guilty
When it is -- in a VERY few more years -- past, given contact with YEHOVAH,
YEHOVAH God Almighty is going to intervene CHANGED, CONVERTED, receiving HIS
supernaturally and with divine POWER in the HOLY SPIRIT, being begotten as HIS
governments and ways of society -- and BRING CHILDREN, receiving the DIVINE nature.
PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO HUMANITY! In other words, they REPENT of human
HOW can that be done? nature -- they REPENT of hostility to authority
It’s simple! -- of resentment against YEHOVAH’s Law.
There is A WAY of personal, group, and They SURRENDER unconditionally to
organized living that will automatically produce YEHOVAH, and wholeheartedly WANT Him
that utopia. And there is A WAY that HAS, for to rule in their lives. They CHANGE (through
6,000 years, produced curses, war, strife and YEHOVAH’s power given by His grace) from
violence, frustration, failure everything this rebellion to submission -- from SELF-centered-
world has. ness to being GOD-centered. They let Yeshua
Why do some people -- even college the Messiah (in Spirit) come into their lives and
professors and some who are intellectually actually live their lives for them (Galatians
inclined -- become Communists? Because they 2:20).
see many things WRONG in this world -- they They change from THE WAY that has
want to BE right -- they grasp Communism as a brought all the curses upon this unhappy world,
last straw and only hope, under the delusion that to THE WAY that will bring a brilliant, joyous
THEY CAN HAVE A PART IN MAKING UTOPIA to earth in a very few years when
THIS A BETTER WORLD! They want to BE YEHOVAH God and Yeshua the Messiah come
right -- but they don’t want to DO right. So they to this earth in all Power and Glory to RULE
grasp the straw that makes the lying and false ALL NATIONS and bring the happy, peaceful
PROMISES of producing the solution. But WORLD TOMORROW!
Communism is only another IDEA OF MAN This CHANGE is conversion. This is

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