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Lesson 26 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

what it means to BECOME a Christian. A Christian becomes perfect at the very beginning.
Christian is NOT merely one who PROFESSES He does not overcome or root out all the sins, the
the Messiah. YEHOVAH’s own instruction to wrong habits, all at once. He must do it little by
us -- the Bible says that if one has not received little. But, “he that overcometh, and keepeth MY
YEHOVAH’s holy spirit, he is NONE of His -- WORKS unto the end," says Yeshua the
he is NOT a Christian (Romans 8:9). YEHO- Messiah, “to him will I give power over THE
VAH gives His holy spirit ONLY to them that NATIONS: AND HE SHALL RULE THEM"
OBEY Him (Acts 5:32). This implants within (Revelation 2:26-27).
the mind the DIVINE NATURE -- it means a
But it does NOT remove the HUMAN
nature. The MIND governs whether the WHERE will the “saved” spend
converted Christian now FOLLOWS the pulls, eternity? Do you REALLY know? Of course
the impulses, the desires of human nature, or you’ve always HEARD that you’ll go to heaven,
whether he resists them and is LED BY the if you are “saved” -- and you’ve probably just
newly received divine nature. “As many as are accepted it WITHOUT QUESTION.
LED BY the Spirit of God, they are the sons of But did you ever stop to PROVE it for
God" (Romans 8:14). But one’s HUMAN yourself? Did you ever look into the BIBLE TO
nature cries out to be satisfied -- does not like to SEE whether it REALLY does say Christians
be repressed. will go to heaven?
Just RECEIVING YEHOVAH God’s It’s time we learned what YEHOVAH
Spirit is not enough. One must BE LED by God Almighty -- the FINAL AUTHORITY --
YEHOVAH’s spirit. His spirit opens the mind to reveals about the Christian’s promised
UNDERSTANDING of spiritual truth, and the inheritance! Let’s begin to UNDERSTAND the
KNOWLEDGE of YEHOVAH’s Law. It opens astounding truth from your Bible!
the mind to THE WAY one should follow. There is a PROMISE in your Bible
YEHOVAH’s spirit also is the love of YEHO- which tells WHAT the saved shall inherit for
VAH -- YEHOVAH’s own divine love flooding eternity -- and WHERE they will be! That
into the human heart, and flowing on out in love promise was made to all Christians. Yet the
to YEHOVAH and love to neighbor. promise of this place was not made DIRECTLY
One must therefore GROW in spiritual to Christians. It was made to ABRAHAM, from
knowledge and in YEHOVAH’s grace (II Peter whom the Messiah -- as an HEIR of Abraham --
3:18). He must become a DOER of YEHOVAH descended!
God’s Law -- actually LIVING in THE WAY of As soon as one becomes a Christian -- as
peace and happiness and joy. This means he soon as he is truly the Messiah’s -- he becomes a
must OVERCOME his own carnal nature, his co-heir WITH THE MESSIAH of this promise
old habits, the temptations of the world -- HE (Romans 8:17). Therefore, the promise which
MUST BE CHANGED! He must develop was made to Abraham and his heir, the Messiah,
toward perfect spiritual and righteous CHAR- also applies to every Christian.
ACTER. The real Christian is undergoing a life While addressing Gentile converts,
of TRAINING to become a RULER in YEHO- YEHOVAH God says through Paul, in
VAH God’s Kingdom -- in the happy and peace- Galatians 3:16,29, “Now to ABRAHAM and
ful WORLD TOMORROW. his SEED [the Messiah] were the promises
One cannot learn everything in a minute, made...And if YE be Christ’s, then are ye
a day, or a year. One does not become perfect at Abraham’s seed [children] and HEIRS
one jump. It is a continuous PROCESS. No according to the PROMISE."

Is Heaven the Reward of the Saved?
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