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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 26

means? Let’s understand! “If ye be Christ’s" -- The statement we read from the Book of
that is, if you are TRULY CHRISTIANS -- then Galatians actually sums up the WHOLE of the
you are ABRAHAM’S CHILDREN -- you are Gospel -- it is a condensed statement of the very
accounted by YEHOVAH God spiritually as PURPOSE and PLAN of YEHOVAH God for
children of Abraham -- and are now “HEIRS mankind! Your hope of ETERNAL LIFE -- of
according to the PROMISE" -- YOU are now an salvation -- depends altogether on what is stated
HEIR, a beneficiary -- you will receive the in that greatly misunderstood passage!
YEHOVAH made to Abraham! The Messiah Confirmed the PROMISE
Notice that the Christian is NOT YET a
possessor of his inheritance -- he is NOW an In order to understand this important
HEIR -- and what he will inherit (possess) if question, notice what is written in Romans 15:8:
saved, is the SAME INHERITANCE promised “Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of
to Abraham. Whatever shall be the inheritance the circumcision for the truth of God, to
of the saved is a definite, SPECIFIC PROMISE CONFIRM the PROMISES made unto the
of YEHOVAH God which was made to the fathers."
ISRAELITE forefather, Abraham. In bringing a NEW MESSAGE -- the
Abraham is referred to in the Bible as the GOSPEL -- Yeshua came to confirm the prom-
“FATHER” of the FAITHFUL (Romans 4:11; ises made to the fathers.
Galatians 3:7, 9). Abraham is the father of all But WHO were the FATHERS? -- and
those who are FULL OF FAITH! If one is WHAT are the PROMISES made to them? --
converted, whether he be Jew or Gentile -- heaven? -- purgatory?
regardless of race or color or sex -- if one is the Your salvation depends on the answer!
Messiah’s, then he becomes one of Abraham’s The inspired words of Peter relate that
children, and an HEIR of the PROMISE made to “The God of ABRAHAM, and of ISAAC, and of
Abraham. The converted Chris-
tian is to INHERIT what was Below, remains of Babylonian temples on the side of a ziggurat at
PROMISED to Abraham. Eridu, in southern Iraq. Here early Babylonians used to worship
If you will look into Enki, pagan god of the deep. YEHOVAH God called Abraham out
your Bible to find out what of such religious confusion and idolatry.
YEHOVAH God promised to
Abraham -- to find out WHAT
is the inheritance of those who
are saved -- to find out WHY we
have to be Abraham’s children
to inherit this promise -- WHEN
and HOW we shall inherit the
promise -- YOU’RE IN FOR A
There is no other
question more IMPORTANT in
your life -- this matter concerns
YOUR ETERNITY -- and yet
you probably never thought to
really look into it for yourself --

Is Heaven the Reward of the Saved?
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