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A New Look At Job's Story
Ancient Bible Health Secrets Revealed Today!
A "Non-Virgin" Should Never Wear a White Wedding Dress!
Another Viewpoint: When Was the Year of Creation?
A Prayer to YEHOVAH
Are Modern "Jews" Really Judahites?
A Watchman in Our Midst
Bible Criticism -- Intellectual Idolatry?
Bible Law Vs. The United States Constitution -- The Christian Israelite Perspective
Could You be "BRAINWASHED"?
Counting In the Hebrew Idiom
Death of Civility in America
Did Noah's Flood Cover the Highest Mountains?
Did the Messiah Have Long Hair?
Did the Spear Wound Kill the Messiah?
Does SATAN THE DEVIL Have Offspring On This Earth?
Earth Rings and Frozen Mammoths!
Earth Rings and Noah's Flood
Five Basic Rules of Parenting
Flee Glee!
Great Tekhelet Debate -- Blue or Purple?
Greek Mythology and the Spirits in Prison
Hebrew Word "Yom" Used With a Number in Genesis One
Here's HOW You Can Overcome Frustration!
How Many Tents?
How to RESEARCH the TRUTH in an Age of Satanic Deceptions!
How to Walk With YEHOVAH God
Humanism in the Modern Church
Icon SUPREME? The Shroud of Turn
Immigration: How a Foreign Invasion Is Reshaping the West
Is It Wrong to Have Pictures of Yeshua the Messiah?
Is There a CONSPIRACY Against Fatherhood?
Is the Statue of Liberty Pagan?
Is Truth a Matter of Personal Opinion?
James Dobson Speaks Out On Global Christian Persecution
Judah Maccabeus -- Ideal Biblical Hero!
Just WHERE In Jerusalem Did Our Savior Die?
"Let's Find the REAL Christian!"
Lucifer's Fall -- Did It Really Happen?
Messiah's Crucifixion TREE
Moses, Hermes and Io
Mystery of Mysteries -- What Is the Showbread?
Mystery of the Menorah
Murder Demands the Divine Justice of Capital Punishment!
Nazi Roots of Multiculturalism
Never Compromise!
Parable of the Unjust Steward
Power of Propaganda
Prayer Cloths and Special Miracles
Rethinking the Olive Tree
Ruth Was An Israelite!
Satan's Fate: Will Satan Be Punished Forever?
Save a Sinner!
Should YEHOVAH's Church Borrow Money from Outsiders?
Story of Hanukkah
The Awful Deception: What They Haven't Told You About AIDS
The Awesome Mystery of the Hebrew "HAY" [h] and "VAV" [v]
The Awesome Power of Earnest Prayer!
The Baffling Mystery of UFOs
The Battle Over the Bible!
The Book of Jasher Uncloaked!
The Coming Polarization
The Connecting Point to Eternity
The "Cross" We Must Bear!
The Danger of Crowd Psychology
The Danger of DRIFTING!
The "ENMITY" of the Carnal Gentile Mind
The History of the Talis
The LORD Fights Our Battles
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo!
The Mysterious Events of the Year 31 A.D.!
The Plain Truth About Mystics, Demons and Psychics!
The SEPTUAGINT -- Is It a Fraud Or Forgery?
The Source of Psychic Occult Power
The Story of the Algonquian Indians!
The Tabernacle In the Wilderness
"The Way of the Eagle"
The Woman's Head Covering
True Christians and Disasters
Understanding the Apostle Paul
Unraveling the Origins of the Mysterious Olmec!
We've LOST the Culture War
What Are the "Oracles of God"?
What Church Members Should Know About MASONRY
What Do You Mean, "Solemn Feast Day"?
What Is the Behemoth?
What's Happened to American Education?
What the Black Community Should Be More Concerned About...
What the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff MUST Tell the Nation!
Who REALLY Discovered America?
Who Should We Believe?
Why Can't Our Immigration Authorities Deport the Hordes of Illegal Felons in Our Cities?
Why Did the Messiah Curse the Fig Tree?
Why Did Yeshua the Messiah Die BEFORE the Two Robbers?
Why YEHOVAH God Allows Untimely Death
Witchcraft and Demons In the New Testament...and Today!
Women's Role In YEHOVAH's Plan
Worldwide Disasters -- What Is the LORD Telling Us?
YEHOVAH God Makes Covenants With Individuals Inside of Families
YEHOVAH's Economic Plan -- The Road to Recovery!