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The Berean


Hope of Israel Ministries (Church of YEHOVAH) Volume 3, Number 1 January-February 2002


Page 2 From the Editor
Page 3 The Trumpets of
Revelation and the Scourge
of Islam!

Page 25 Coming Soon...

Page 26 Hope of Israel Mail

Page 31 The Return of YEHO-
VAH God and His Messiah!
Page 54 Jehad and Paradise

Page 65 How You Or a
Friend Can Receive a FREE
Subscription to The Berean
Voice Magazine!

Page 66 The House of Israel

Page 71 Is JUDAISM the Re-
ligion of Moses? -- Part 4
The Trumpets of Page 79 Behind the Veil: Un-

masking Islam
Revelation and the Page 80 The Origin of Jesus,

the Son of God

Scourge of Islam! Page 89 Skeptical of the
Peaceful Label

Page 91 Hope of Israel
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