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Lesson 39 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

the time frame right after World War I.
One thing is for sure -- they have
certainly gleaned a lot of circumstantial
information out of the few words of
Revelation 6:5-6!!
Notice, now, what Marshall W.
Best says in his book, Through the
Prophet’s Eye:
“The third rider of Revelation 6:
5,6, brings about shortages of food. This
probably is limited to the area immediate-
ly affected by the war itself....Wheat and
other basics of life will be expensive, but
oil and wine, among other goods, will
become very precious and scarce. The Some misinformed people believe the Black Horse
phrase ‘do not damage the oil and the represents the black-uniformed SS troops of Nazi
wine’ is an expression similar to that Germany. Pictured is a black SS Cap.
which we see in stores that have fragile
crystal glasses and fine china for sale. The From the Internet we get this unique
merchant may be wincing as we pick it up for interpretation --
fear of our damaging it. It is like saying ‘Oh, “As you saw from the previous short
please, please be careful. If you are not going to history, the SS Schutzstaffel literally translates
seriously consider buying it, please don’t touch “Black Shirts”. We saw how the SA Storm
it.’ The third seal illustrates that war will create Detachments were taken over and subdued by
shortages of food” (WinePress Publishing, 2000, the SS, securing the position of the black-
p. 405). uniformed officers as Hitler’s elite army. It was
This is certainly a novel approach to the fear of the SS that allowed Hitler to exert
verses under question! tremendous dictatorial powers over the rest of
After stating that the color black “is a the German military, and the whole country for
symbol of darkness and despair” and that the that matter. Finally, it was the SS who were
“scales and high prices and instructions not to ultimately put in charge of the extermination
waste suggest need for care because of camps where 6 million Jews and thousands of
shortages” Fred P. Miller goes on to say that the others were starved, gassed and incinerated.
black horse represents hard times. “It would be “The black cap worn by SS Officers
difficult not to predict hard times following appears at right [picture of black SS cap].
ninety years of civil war [180-270 A.D.]. This “The prophetic connection between the
and the next symbol actually overlap the time of Black Horse of Revelation 6:5 and the black
the Red Horse and continues on. Thus in Barnes uniformed SS troops of Nazi Germany is in-
and Noble for this overlapping period: escapable” (
“‘Lacking money the government paid BlackHorse.htm)
soldiers in land, and received taxes in grain...the In a similar vein William F. Dankenbring
army through force put incompetent rulers in of Triumph Prophetic Ministries makes this
power...Wasteful methods of villa farming led to assertion:
decreased productiveness’” (Revelation: A Pan- “The third horseman prophesied to ride
orama of the Gospel Age. Moellerhaus Books forth in Revelation 6 is the ‘black horse. This
1993, pp. 61 and 67). world power is associated with the ‘north

The Black Horse of Revelation 6
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