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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 39

and rank speculation of all these
commentaries we would like to add this
grotesque mental meandering!
“The ‘BLACK HORSE’ of these
verses in Revelation, is understood by
many to be representative of world-wide
famine from crop failures, war, man
made disturbances of the earth, poor
weather conditions, and a multiple pop-
ulation explosion. While these factors
are true, and the discerning people
amongst us write about them, biblical
students however have not perceived
that the “BLACK HORSE” is pertaining
to some of the largest populations on
Some so-called prophets claim that the Black Horse
represents modern Germany! earth, that of the black and coloured
races of peoples of the earth.

country’ -- that is, to the NORTH of Jerusalem “The first horse of ‘WHITE’
(see Zechariah 6:6). In ancient times it referred colouring spread its power conquering through-
to Assyria -- the very peoples who later migrated out all nations of the earth. It went ‘OUT’ abroad
into modern Germany and Austria! Therefore, in CONQUERING.
today’s world, the ‘black horse’ refers to modern “The second horse of ‘RED’ dealt
GERMANY at the head of an end-time world mainly with the ‘power’ of the ‘WHITE’ races
empire composed of TEN nations (Rev.17:14), bringing times of blood to all men, in the path of
symbolized by the ‘ten toes’ on the image of the that Great Killing Sword. The third horse of
world kingdoms in Daniel 2:40-43. ‘BLACK’ now deals with the other great section
“Recent news headlines show that even of humanity, whose skins of races seemed
today Germany is beginning to walk with a burned or scorched black or brown with the sun.
stronger strut and a greater
swagger in world affairs. Some people at the fringe of rational thinking believe that the Black
Despite strong British and Horse represents the black or Negroid race!
American pressure, Germany
was the first western nation to
recognize the independence of
Slovenia and Croatia, two
states associated with Nazi
Germany in World War II,
which were part of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire and
allied with Germany in World
War I” (The “Times of Ja-
cob’s Trouble” Have Begun!).
What confusion and
pure speculation!
To add to the confusion

The Black Horse of Revelation 6
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