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Lesson 36 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

period of peace and ‘good’ and expansion.... Jubilee, the Red Horse cannot enter until the year
“2. The Red Horse, when they kill each of Jubilee is fulfilled. So when the year of
other with a great sword. Jubilee is complete in December ‘98, the Red
“’So low had Rome sunk that Julianus Horse will come as foretold by Jesus in Matthew
bought the throne at public auction. Eighty 24:20-21” (Last Day’s Prophecy: Countdown
emperors occupied the throne within a period of to Armageddon,
ninety years, and most of them met death by Athens/Agora/7197/gulf.html).
violence.’ More confusion! Moving further into the
“Thus the period of the next ninety years realm of the bizarre we find this gem:
from 180-270 was a period of CIVIL WAR, “What is the great sword of the red horse
DISORDERS and disruption, just as the symbol of revelation? More and more it would seem that
states” (Revelation: A Panorama of the Gospel it is not nuclear but rather BIOLOGICAL
Age. Moellerhaus Books, Clermont, FL, 1993, WEAPONS. Biological weapons are the most
pp. 61 & 67). destructive of all weapons of war ever develop-
ed” (
Instead of stumbling
around in the darkness like
people have with the White
Horse, let us examine this
horse and rider of Reve-
lation 6:4 more closely. Let
us once again determine --
using the Bible as a guide --
the TRUTH behind this
age-old enigma!

Hard Upon the Heels
Above -- A coin of Emperor Julian-
As is the case with the The color of the horse
us. To the Left -- Emperor Julianus.
White Horse, there appears to (red), the words “to take
Some think he was emperor at the
be NO END to the GUESSES or peace from the earth” and
time of the Red Horse.
“interpretations” available for “kill one another,” and the
this Red Horse. Notice this SYMBOL of “a great
novel approach from the Internet -- sword” clearly testify as to the significance of
“In Revelation there are the Four Horses this feature of John’s vision.
of the Apocalypse, the White Horse is the peace What we have here is a symbolic proph-
of Israel, that will occur during THE YEAR OF ecy of WAR!
JUBILEE. The year of Jubilee ends in December But it would be a great mistake to regard
of ‘98, then comes the Red Horse meaning this symbol as meaning only -- or even primarily
WORLD WAR, and this war will come in the -- PHYSICAL wars. It signifies something much
winter season following the White Horse.... BROADER than that -- namely STRIFE OR
“While the riders on the horse are the CONFLICT OF EVERY SORT. What is pic-
symbols of the events, the horses themselves are tured here is something SPIRITUAL rather than
the QUICKNESS OF THE EVENTS following material.
one another. But while Israel is in her year of 1. Notice Matthew 10:34.

The Red Horse of Revelation 6:4
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