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Lesson 36 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Red Horse of Revelation 6:4


In a book written by
Howard B. Rand entitled Study in
Revelation, the author presents the
following interpretation of the Red
Horse of Revelation 6:4 --
“The red horse signifies
tyranny, misrule and bloodshed.
The earth is the Roman world and in
the killing of one another is
indicated the internal strife and The remorse of Nero after killing his mother.
slaughter among her citizens. The
rider of the white horse had a bow
with which to prosecute to a successful
conclusion distant conquests, but the rider of the
red horse is given a SWORD for he is to kill near
at hand and within the confines of the Empire.
“The period covered by this rider of the
red horse is the years of turmoil and persecution
from the time of Nero to the edict of Milan,
under Constantine. Here are pictured revolts,
revolutions and bloodshed that followed in the
wake of Rome’s conquest and expansion.
Murder became domesticated in the palace of the
Caesars. The Praetorian Guards put up the
imperial power at auction and sold it to the
highest bidder....The Goths, Germans and Bronze statue of Constantine in York Minster,
Persians, who had so long threatened Rome, England, near the spot where he was proclaimed
invaded her territory on every side. During the emperor in 306 A.D.
general confusion many usurpers sprang up over
the empire and established short-lived granted to the rider ‘to take peace away from the
kingdoms. It was an era of tyrants” (Destiny earth,’ what could this mean but war, bloody
Publishers, Merrimac, MA 1985, pp. 39-40). war? So, then, when the Gentile Times ended in
1914 and the Rider on the white horse did ride
In the book Then Is Finished the
Mystery of God, we find a different twist on the forth, was this event marked by bloody war?
interpretation: “Yes, world war, the first world war of
“The horse that John saw come forth was human history! By October 5, 1914 (the middle
‘fiery-colored,’ flame-colored, red like blood. of the seventh Jewish lunar month, Tishri 15),
Its color suggested blood! Very appropriately so, the Gentile Times had ended in that year, and by
because it fitted in with the mission on which the that time there were nine nations and empires
horse’s rider rode, namely, ‘so that they should involved in war, and it was really a world war.
slaughter one another.’ Besides this, since it was Many more nations entered the war after that

The Red Horse of Revelation 6:4
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