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Lesson 35 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

before Christ? Verse 3. The Messiah Teaches Fasting
COMMENT: Satan not only tempted
the Messiah to consume physical food, but also Yeshua the Messiah knows the kind of
appealed to the Messiah’s HUMAN VANITY life to which his disciples -- true Christians -- are
by telling him to PROVE he was the very SON called. He knew we would have to face various
of YEHOVAH God by turning stones into trials and temptations. He knew we would need
bread! to prepare and condition ourselves as well.
The twisted mind of Satan thought the The first mention of fasting in the New
Messiah would be at his WEAKEST -- since he Testament, other than the actual example set by
had gone without food and water for so long. By the Messiah before his temptation, is found in
this time the Messiah was experiencing hunger the “Sermon on the Mount.”
and thirst almost beyond HUMAN endurance. In the sixth chapter of Matthew, the
But in reality, the Messiah was at his Messiah gave us the EXAMPLE of how to pray.
STRONGEST -- SPIRITUALLY speaking! We’ve learned how vital a part PRAYER is in
The Messiah was completely HUMBLE the lives of all Christians. Yet, in this chapter
before YEHOVAH God and CLOSE to his Yeshua the Messiah placed the SAME EMPHA-
Heavenly Father through fasting and PRAYER. SIS on FASTING as he did on prayer!
He was filled with the spirit of YEHOVAH God 1. Exactly what did the Messiah teach his
and knew he could draw upon his FATHER’S disciples about fasting? Matthew 6:16-18.
POWER to RESIST the Devil! COMMENT: Yeshua TAUGHT his
4. What was Yeshua’s reply to the disciples to FAST. He gave them clear-cut, con-
Devil’s tempting suggestion? Verse 4. cise instructions on HOW TO FAST. He did not
COMMENT: The Messiah had the say “if, some time, you think you might want to
SPIRITUAL POWER from his Father necessary fast” -- he stated, “WHEN YOU FAST”! He
to combat the great spiritual force of Satan. He knew his true followers WOULD FAST!
depended on the Father’s power for deliverance 2. But what did the disciples of John ask
-- not his own! The Messiah’s human strength the Messiah concerning his disciples? Matthew
had all but left him by this time. 9:14.
5. Finally, after enduring and over- COMMENT: The disciples of John
coming the additional temptations Satan brought didn’t see the Messiah’s disciples fasting. They
upon him, what was Yeshua the Messiah able to wondered why and asked him.
COMMAND the Devil? Verse 10. 3. What was the Messiah’s reply? Verse
COMMENT: Yeshua the Messiah 15. Did he clearly state that there would be a time
endured the greatest spiritual battle ever fought! when they WOULD fast? Read also the accounts
Satan the Devil OBEYED the Messiah and slunk given in Mark 2:18-20 and Luke 5:33-35.
away. The Messiah won over Satan because he COMMENT: Since the Messiah was
humbled himself by drawing close to YEHO- with his disciples most of the time, it obviously
VAH God through FASTING and MUCH was not necessary for them to fast in order to
PRAYER! draw close to YEHOVAH God. For YEHOVAH
Thus Yeshua the Messiah QUALIFIED GOD was actually WITH THEM THROUGH
to become our Savior and a future High Priest THE FULL MEASURE OF YEHOVAH’S
and king of this earth. SPIRIT THE MESSIAH HAD!
But when the Messiah ascended to
Hope of Israel Ministries -- Taking Heaven, He was no longer with his disciples in
the Lead in the Search for Truth! the same intimate physical way. And so in order
to DRAW CLOSE to YEHOVAH God -- who is

Why Christians Should Fast
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