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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 35

5. Did Yeshua the Messiah fast? IN US -- if he LIVES IN US by the holy spirit!
Matthew 4:2. What was the PURPOSE of the 7. Will we therefore be FOLLOWING
the Messiah’s EXAMPLE of fasting? I Peter
2:21 and I John 2:6.
COMMENT: Since the Messiah did fast
over 1900 years ago, and since Christians are
those who follow the Messiah’s EXAMPLE --
they will fast TODAY!

The Messiah’s Greatest Trial

Yeshua the Messiah was faced with the
trial of overcoming Satan the Devil in SPIRI-
TUAL COMBAT. Had Yeshua failed to over-
come the Devil, he would have DISQUAL-
IFIED himself as the Savior and Ruler of all
Let’s notice how the Messiah PRE-
PARED himself for this greatest of all trials.
1. Why did the spirit of YEHOVAH God
lead the Messiah into the wilderness? Matthew
COMMENT: Yeshua the Messiah went
into the wilderness for the specific purpose of
being TEMPTED by Satan the Devil. He had to
overcome the Devil’s temptations to prove he
was qualified to become the Messiah and Savior
NO HUMILITY HERE! — Benito Mussolini, Italy’s
of mankind.
wartime leader. “Il Duce," the epitome of arro-
gance and pride, was killed by Italian partisans in
more significant and stupendous than any of us
can realize. Satan the Devil laid before the
Messiah’s fast? Verse 1. Messiah the REALITY of this temptation in a
COMMENT: Yeshua fasted to DRAW manner more poignant and real than any
CLOSE to YEHOVAH God the Father IN temptation that has ever been placed before any
PRAYER and receive SPIRITUAL strength to of us! The Messiah knew he would have to be
withstand the sinister temptations of the Devil! successful in overcoming the Devil.
6. Does the apostle Paul show us that the 2. What did the Messiah begin to do in
Messiah NEVER CHANGES? Hebrews 13:8. PREPARATION for his encounter with Satan?
Is the Messiah to live his life in Christians today? Matthew 4:2.
Philippians 2:5; Romans 8:9 and Galatians COMMENT: Yeshua prepared himself
2:20. by FASTING! He AFFLICTED his body by
COMMENT: Paul plainly shows that denying himself food and water. The Messiah
the Messiah is the same yesterday, today, and had to endure and overcome the desire to eat and
forever. If he fasted when he trod the dusty roads drink for FORTY LONG DAYS AND
of Palestine, then he will be fasting TODAY -- NIGHTS! Then the Tempter came.
3. What was the first temptation Satan set

Why Christians Should Fast
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