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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 31

12. Does Jude also follow suit in pro- God.” The “He,” of course, was erroneously
claiming the ONE-ness of YEHOVAH God? taught to be Yeshua the Messiah!
Jude 4 and 25. 2. Now we come to a verse that was
13. Many think that the apostle Paul was grossly MISTRANSLATED by the translators
in conflict with the other apostles over doctrine in order to bolster the early Catholic Church’s
-- what was his view of the Godhead? Ephesians claim that the Messiah pre-existed. John 1:14.
4:4-6. COMMENT: When correctly translated
COMMENT: Clearly, Paul is at ONE this verse should read as follows: “By means of
with the other apostles and the Old Testament this word flesh was created; and dwelling among
scriptures. us, who are flesh, and we beholding His glory,
14. What does Paul say in I Corinthians was the glory of the ONLY BEGOTTEN of the
8:4 and 8:6? Father, full of honor and TRUTH.” At this point
15. What about I Timothy 1:17 and we need to digress and study the concept of the
2:5.? Shekinah Glory.
COMMENT: This God of the Old
Testament, this God whose Name is YEHOVAH’s Shekinah Glory
YEHOVAH (YHVH), is the ONE later known
in the New Testament as “God the Father.” While the word Shekinah (shknh) is not
There is ONE GOD in both the Old and New found in the Old Testament in its noun form, it
Testaments, and He is known as YEHOVAH or describes a concept that is totally Biblical. The
“God the Father” -- a specific individual Being, concept of a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of
the Creator God who has always existed, and YEHOVAH God dwelling on this planet is
who will never cease to exist and Who cannot found throughout the Old Testament and in
die. Jewish tradition.

What About the “Word”?

There are many who believe that
the “Word” mentioned in John 1:1 was,
in fact, Yeshua the Messiah in his pre-
existent form. Could this be true?
1. Was the “word” with YEHO-
VAH God when YEHOVAH God
created the universe? John 1:1. Is the
word also “God”? Same verse. Did the
word do the ACTUAL WORK of
The Shehinah Glory hovering over the Mercy Seat.
creating all things? Verse 3.
COMMENT: Notice that the
In the Encyclopedia Judaica the
word, “Word,” is CAPITALIZED in this scrip-
Shekinah is defined as “the Divine Presence, the
ture in order to make it appear as though this
luminous immanence of God in the world,...a
were speaking about a being or a person. In this
revelation of the holy in the midst of the
case the translators of the King James Version
profane....” (Volume 14, pp. 1349-1351).
actually INTENDED for you to believe that the
The Encyclopedia goes on to say --
“Word” was “God” and that “He” was “in the
“One of the more prominent images
beginning WITH God” -- that “He” was PRE-
associated with the Shekhinah is that of LIGHT.
EXISTENT and that “He” was “EQUAL with

How Do You Know YEHOVAH God Exists?
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